How many times have you given up?

Have you thought much about this question or should I rephrase it to how many times have you seen something right to the end?

The new year brings on a new beginning.

It is time to let go of the old. Your subconscious mind however wants to hang onto the past and not move out of it’s comfort zone. It loves repetition and not trying new things.

This is a very important bit of information when you are setting new goals for the year.

Once you ask your subconscious mind to exaggerate your success many more times than you  have ever experienced. It shuts up shop. It stubbornly sets out to show you that you must be crazy. The message is too outlandish for it to act upon so it drags up the past to let you know that you need to get real. This could be a major factor in why you are not reaching your goals.

You have set your self up for failure.

Instead of co-opting the assistance of your subconscious mind and creative imagination you are turning them against you.

So if your answer to how many times have you given up is more times than I care to remember then you need to start of this year by setting achievable daily goals. 

Learn to project your energy into living in the moment. 

How many times have you given up

How many times have you given up

Once you can do this then you are able to set yourself big goals and reach them.

An example of this if your health goals is to lose 10lbs in three months then your daily actionable goal should be geared towards achieving a positive daily experience.

In other words you could set yourself the goal of only having two meals and a green juice for that particular day.

This is achievable and it will be taken in favorably by your subconscious mind. Once you do it then you can feel good about having achieved your goal and begin building positive experiences into your action plan.

When day two comes along your goal could be to repeat yesterday’s performance and include a one hour walk in as well. This does not seem like a long stretch based on what you did yesterday. Once again it will be seen as doable.

If you can continue in this vein for the whole week then you will commence seeing results and feeling good about your progress.

This is the key to ensuring you eventually reach your long term goal of losing ten pounds in three months.

Once you set that feeling good daily about your results in motion, it will multiply and give you the confidence to never give up.

This nice neat little trick  can be applied to any goal you set yourself for the year. The way you feel every day will determine how far you go towards achieving your long term goal.

Enable your creative imagination to assist you plan out each day in way so that you can achieve what you set out to do.

This will assist you to answer the question to how many times have you given up if you are ever asked again with a confident never.


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