Mastermind power through harmony

mastermind power through harmony

mastermind power through harmony

Can the power of the mastermind be achieved through a spirit of harmony? if so what are the components of this group.


Our guest author today Ethel Van Zanten, Mishawaka, IN takes us on a journey of how this can be achieved.


Chapter 10-The Power of the Master Mind

Mr. Hill is describing in this book all the elements we need to be successful in life.  He emphasizes that we must first of all have a thought and if that thought is strong enough it will become a desire.  In order for this desire to become real in our life it has to be a burning desire.  We have to back this desire with Faith, decision, imagination, auto-suggestion, specialized knowledge,persistence and organized planning.  Then we have to realize that we can’t be successful without the help of one or two friends and if it is a big project more people must be involved.  This group of people has to be knowledgable, cooperative and in harmony.  This group has to be sympathetic with your intentions and supportive of your plans.

This group will be your mastermind.  When we go about choosing who we want to be in our mastermind we have to think about economics as well as the psychic. The economic will have to
deal  with money.  The psychic  is much more abstract.  All of the mastermind will have to have
a feeling of support and want to cooperate  and be in harmony which is the psychic part.

When the group meets together they will all have different characteristics which means they will have different ways of looking at a project and how to plan and organize the project. This will add to the power of the mastermind.  When two or more minds are coordinated in a spirit of harmony the spiritual units of energy that result will make it seem there is a third mind working with them.  In fact, this is what they will have to believe because it will be the infinite intelligence that will give them the power to formulate their plans as well as the accumulated knowledge they all have together.

In order to have a master mind group that has the characteristics that are needed to build a successful project a person has to be wise in his choosing.  I believe that a mixture of all the different colors of personalities would mean a more powerful mastermind.  Of course, all the persons in the group would have to be one hundred percent agreeable to support and cooperate with the majority of opinion. What would be ideal is a master mind that had a consensus of opinion.
If everyone agrees to support the majority, if consensus is not possible, and they do what has been decided by the majority; then if it proves to be wrong the decision can be changed.  Many times by learning by mistakes a new idea is found that wasn’t thought of before and is the one that really makes a project succeed.   Isn’t this what happens when an inventor  is working?  He produces  something which doesn’t work and then by consulting with a mastermind and experimenting with their ideas brings about a successful project that is used by millions.

Our mentoring for free mastermind is capable of producing  many successful projects just because of the variety of personalities we have.  This gives me a sense of security to know that anything that I want to put forth as a challenge or a solution will be reviewed and a new challenge or idea willßß be formed; or the contribution that I have will be a part of many new ideas or contributions.

Mr Hill says,”Men take on the nature, the habits and the power of thought of those with whom they associate in a spirit of sympathy and harmony.”  To me that is creating a  new culture.

Thank you mentoring for free mastermind for listening and reading what I have to say and thank you for sharing all you want to say and write so I can read it.

Ethel Van Zanten, Mishawaka, IN


Thank you Ethel, your insights really bring the concept of the mastermind home for me.

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