Mastermind power and it’s implications for your business!

mastermind power

mastermind power

Hello and welcome to our guest author’s post on the power of the mastermind. Marsha Sortino really drives home the point of the power and energy you get from a harmonious mastermind group.



The Ninth Step toward Riches

This chapter is one of my favorite chapters in Think and Grow Rich.

I had a very inspiring week this past week overall! So busy and full of energy.

I was so inspired this past week Thursday having met our MFF creators and mentors, Michael and Linda Dlouhy, Justin Borden and his lovely wife Jessica and their 2 beautiful children, Elizabeth and Justin, and meeting up with a friend Walter Lawrence, who I first met at a Tom Big Al Schreiter workshop and the masterminding that took place that when I got home that night, I was full of energy!  I absolutely could not sleep.

And also last week Tuesday at the Saint Vincent De Paul meeting, our group was completely inspired and the good energy was so incredible that we could all feel it!

We seemed to get an awesome amount of energy that filled the room as we masterminded how to get our projects off to a start even though we don’t officially have a home place for our projects.

The meeting flowed smoothly as we masterminded in sharing ideas in a spirit of harmony and making plans to get going.  Wow, we are finally getting our plans off to a start and made definite plans.

It was true volunteerism as the president didn’t have to ask who can or who will…do this or that?

Individuals just stepped up to the plate as soon as a need was spoken about.

We have a mobile foodbank that we are going ton use as parking is limited but we are so determined to find a way that the motions we made to do it had detailed plans for how we could do it.

We accomplished more in this day then the whole time we had been meeting the past several weeks   And it’s amazing to see how God opens the doors and is moving us along.

When you have a team who finds a way to do something and is determined to do it, you get things done!

We can come together as a mastermind group and brainstorm our ideas and plans, but when you get right down to it, that good energy needs to put in motion through taking action.

Otherwise, wow, you might as well say it was a waste of good energy.

What I see here at MFF is that we have an excellent mastermind group.  We aren’t just a support group like many might think.  No- we are truly a mastermind group here.

So what is the difference between just a good support group and great mastermind group?  The differences I see are striking.  I see that people are doing things, taking action and really changing, especially that mindset of impossible to anything is possible.  The money conscious mindset is also here in this MFF group. I ask myself, what are the people in the group doing after masterminding? Are they taking action on their own to make things happen and coordinating these actions with others so it can happen?  Am I taking action and doing the same?

And its obvious that so many are doing just that after we finish a call on the mastermind discussions. They aren’t just talking but they are walking the talk.

I admit that I was one of those people who worried constantly about where I will get the money to do things.  Now I don’t worry as much because I am putting my trust in God to help me through my difficult times.  I feel the difference here is that by doing and taking actions, I don’t have time to worry and that’s a much better way to deal with everything I do.  The poverty mindset is changing for me as I make plans to change it and allow the wealthy conscious mindset to take over.  It’s not easy but it’s a choice.  And in choosing this route, I know it means more will be asked of me.  And that’s also what I desire because money will allow me to do more and serve better.

Here at MFF, we’ve got a powerful mastermind group where the most brilliant leaders come together to empower us to take action.

I see people who get on the 30 day mental cleanse really do take action.

This chapter screams POWER and EMPOWERING others.

So in the very end, we get empowered and what do we do with this power, this pure raw energy we’ve been given as a gift to us all?

The master mind groups is transference of this energy and power!

They are giving us a gift to ispire us to use our skills, our talents, be taught and learn, to think & offer ideas, to create. To Just be amazing!

Use your talents and as the bible teaches us, “Love, Serve and Go forth and replenish the earth”.

Use your talents and as MFF teaches us, “Love, Serve, Use the Recipe, create relationships, get on the 30 day mental cleanse, grow, develop, love others, forgive, let go of the past,  use all that is in the book, STS and write articles, create headlines, use the back office, create videos, talk to people using Tom Big Al Schreiter’s techniques, listen to the past recordings, talk to your prospects without an agenda, tell stories, have integrity, do your self talk, get on the calls, speak up, learn to be a leader, learn the business, love yourself, be amazing and amaze yourself and the list goes on.

It’s direction as simple as taking actions to accomplish goals.  Each goal accomplished moves us closer to our dreams.

And when your mind is focussed on loving and serving others, you cannot go wrong as having the mindset of helping others to reach their goals only brings blessings upon you.  The unselfish agenda was always God’s plan for his people.  God first and all else falls in place to him who believes.

And here at MFF we learn that we must do this business without the agenda.  Take the agenda out and you are planting many seeds along the way.  One day the seeds will sprout and all those seeds that were planted will bring fruit your way.

You can’t put a time to all this.  You can put a time on reaching goals, but never will you know when and how these blessings will come, so relax, enjoy your journey, use the power you have been given by your mastermind group and take action.

Just know without a doubt in your mind that you are the planter planting good seeds and good seeds need time to flourish. Just know in your mind that when you allow time for your seeds to flourish, a blossom develops that is good and beautiful and it’s roots are so strong that each year the blossom becomes more beautiful, sprouting more blossoms year after year.  Just remember that the time you take to nuture will be the best crop developed and you are rewarded!

That’s how God works and that’s how this business works best!

Be the master of your life and work your life to accomplish your dreams.

Last week I said never ever give up and I say it again.

Never ever give up on yourself!

You have power now with your mind and this mastermind group.

Use it to your advantage and you will reach your dreams.

You are doing it now with persistence and actions.

Be patient and let the process of growth and develpment take you, inspire you and become the real you- the person you would not have known existed if it were not for discovering MFF, or should I say someone at MFF reaching out to help you.

Go out, make a difference, and make it happen.

Reach out and help someone!

Lead them here to this mastermind group where they can grow into beautiful blossoms.

This is true networking with a servant’s heart and much, much more.

Thank you Micheal and Linda for showing me how to do true stewardship from the heart.  Thanks to everyone here at MFF, all the brilliant leaders who shine and for giving me a great gift of re-discovering the courage I’ve always had to move into action, but just didn’t know how to.

Much love and appreciation,

Marsha Sortino

Thank you Marsha, I am so energized and happy to be part of the amazing mastermind group you talk about in your post.

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