Mastermind your way to success. mastermind your way to success

This is the secret to massive success. You cant achieve it on your own.

You were not made so you have all the answers.

The only way you can do this is when you find the missing pieces of who you were meant to be.

Where are they you ask?

The missing pieces are scattered amongst the people you come into contact with.

Your mission is to find these people and incorporate them into your mastermind group.

Once you have the people you can begin to mastermind your way to success.

Where do you look?

Whom do you look for?

The right people will come into your life if you are ready to let them in. This requires a great deal of personal development.

As a school teacher my number one priority was to be the very best teacher I could be to the group of students I was entrusted with each year.

I became really  good at making a difference in the student’s education. This is something I am very proud of. I didn’t particularly like everything that went hand in hand with teaching. The politics of dealing with administration and parents.

I created somewhat of a fortress against outside influences. This had it’s advantages. My students received one hundred percent of my time and for many that was all they really wanted. It also had it’s disadvantages because I didn’t endear people to me. I was like the introverted kid on the block who just wanted to work in his room and in his own way.

This made many people curious as to why? At times it was considered somewhat strange and my being part of a team was questioned?

I guess what I am trying to highlight here is that I only attracted certain things about teaching to me. I really didn’t have any ambition to become a principle or a coordinator until much later in my teaching career.

I recall in my very first school being asked to apply for the vice principle position that had become vacant. I believed that I was not ready to lead a school and decided not to apply.

Now that I reflect upon that decision I realize that if I had applied and received the appointment my whole teaching career would have been very different.

You see the mastermind group I would have allowed into my life were leaders. People who were impacting parents, teachers, communities and students with their decision making. mastermind your way to success

Instead I chose to do it from the fortress of my classroom all on my own. As I said at the outset of this article you just cant do it by yourself.

You definitely need the skills and personalities of other like minded people to assist you.

Build your own mastermind group by working with one person whom you get along very well with and who has the skills and personality that you wished was also part of you.

My recent masterminding experience is with two gentleman in The UK their names are Larry Lewis and Neil Haywood. One is very outgoing who thrives on speaking and makes a career out of it and the other is quite content to work in the background on all the technical side of the organization. I instead have a spattering of both but not really an expert  in the public speaking side nor the technical side  of things.

The three of us compliment each other and when we sit down to plan on our way to build our Never Give Up Platform we are often amazed at what the three of us come up with.

You will be reading more about The Never Give Up Platform from this blog so stay tuned for that.

How did I meet these gentleman from the UK?

That is an interesting question because I have been working with them for two years now and we have never met face to face as yet. All our communications have been done over the internet, yet I feel like I have known them all of my life.

This highlights just how the right people come into your life for you to harness the power of the mastermind. Often you just have to be ready to embrace their presence into your life.

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