Mastermind your way to success

Mastermind your way to success is the key to excelling at everything you do. Stop trying to do it all by yourself.

No one person has the skills and talents to create stratospheric success all on their own. It is this realization that has enabled many to succeed way beyond their wildest dreams.

Henry Ford believed in this so much that he didn’t waste his time trying to figure it out. He identified  out the right people to solve the problem and then brought them into his team.

Once you begin to build your mastermind group it will be clearly obvious that all of your members have particular strengths and weaknesses . The power of the mastermind group is elevated when your members can work in harmony and openly discuss issues to arrive at collective decisions.

Richard Branson creates a family environment with his stuff. This works for him because they feel empowered and can do what they are good at in a safe secure environment. This approach ensures he has an ongoing mastermind group approach to building his business.

So how do you go about creating your own mastermind environment?

  • You need to be selective
  • Choose a balance of personality types
  • Create a feeling of harmony
  • Make sure everybody has the same shared vision
  • Empower everybody to contribute
  • Create a regular meeting time
  • Allow everybody to brainstorm the issues presented

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7 Real-Life Tips for Creating a Successful Mastermind Group


Create a Mastermind Tip #1:

Let Desire Trump Ego.

If you want to create a successful mastermind group, the first thing you have to do is let go of the fear of looking like an idiot to people who don’t know you.

I’ve created two mastermind groups from scratch in my life and both times I had to suck it up, and put the word out there. I had to be the one to make it happen.

Most people aren’t willing to step out and tell the world they want to create a success circle. Because, after all, if you’re so great, why aren’t people just showing up and forming a circle around you?

The first group I created was a Life Makeover Group – at the encouragement of Cheryl Richardson.  At the time, I was already successful as a performer and musician. Only problem? I was tired of the isolation.  People can clap at you all day long – but you still need people to listen to your ideas, to support you in your growth, and to pick you up when you get a bad review.

So, I swallowed my rock-star pride and posted signs all over my town.  On the sign, I wrote down EXACTLY what I wanted. I wrote down the kind of people, what we would focus on, and of course, my phone number.  I thought they’d come beating down my door because I loved this idea so much. But, after several weeks, only two women joined me.

It was perfect.

We made it last a longer time than most impromptu groups like this. They were both proud of me for getting over myself and making the group happen! (Me too!)

Create a Mastermind Tip #2:

Get Seriously Clear.

Before you create the mastermind, get clear about what you’d like it to be. You’ll want to do this at the first meeting, of course. But it helps if you see yourself as the creator.  As such, you have to get some of the details in order.

Here are some things you’ll want to get clear about:

– How often will you meet and for how long?   (My recommendation is once  a month, or every other week. And I’d keep it to two hours tops.)

–  How many people will be in the circle? (My recommendation is no less than 3. No more than six.)

–  Do you want a core focus for the group?  (Creating a new business, work/life balance, creating wealth – you can choose!)

–  Other things to consider: How long will each person have to speak and share? Will there be a whining limit? (Yes, you can set a timer – and let the speaker have at it!) Will there be food? Who will bring the food?  Will you meet at houses of the members? Or at a café?

Create a Mastermind Tip #3:

Give it a Name.

Clarity wins.  Not just some of the time. ALL of the time.

Consider if someone approaches you and says, “Hey, I’m thinking of putting together some people to get together and talk about, you know, being more successful. I got the idea from this chick whose blog I read.”

Then, think about this:  “Hey!  I’ve begun an exclusive success circle called “The Big and Bold Creative Success Mastermind.” I’m in the process of choosing members who are go-getters and really want to commit to making big shifts in their lives and living more positively. Wanna come to the first meeting?”

You will also be able to pre-qualify people with your clarity.  If your clarity and your purpose threatens people (believe me, it will), then they will run far away from you. Let them go (and revisit #1). You’ll find the perfect people in time. Just stick with your clarity.

Read more at  7-real-life-tips-for-creating-a-successful-mastermind-group/





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