What does it mean to be happy

Have you ever thought about what it means to be happy?

It sounds very simplistic but wouldn’t the world be a paradise if everybody within it were happy?

Being happy is about feeling good.  When you feel good you :

  • generate positive energy
  • your day works out fine
  • the right people seem to be around when you need them
  • you laugh and smile a lot
  • you look for the silver lining in every cloud
  • you tend to persevere
  • you adopt a never giver up attitude
  • you seem to reach your goals
  • often you are in a loving relationship
  • you are grateful for the things you have
  • you love you

The list could go on.

The real question I guess, for me anyhow is do the statements in that list come from being happy or does happiness come from having all those things in the first place?

What does it mean to be happy

What does it mean to be happy

The wisdom of great philosophers can come to our aid  when we tackle the question above. Are you the person who is always looking out for some external signs to be happy?

If you are you often you forget to realize what you have and you are  for ever wanting what you don’t have.

This causes unhappiness because you are never able to realize and appreciate what you already have.

I’ll try highlight this point by my own experience to give you an example of what I am writing about here.

I have been working online for the last five years now. This has seen me work as a network marketer, a blogger and at building ecommerce shops.

During this time I have worked from home.

It has enabled me to be there for my children and also my  parents. My parents are now in the twilight of their lives and need some extra care.

My aim is to become a successful on liner. I have an inner drive to make this happen. I will not give up until my goal has been achieved.

I have really been preoccupied about seeing huge results through my attempts to be successful online. This has been what’s holding me back from achieving my goal.

All of the benefits I have achieved from having the flexibility and excitement of learning and meeting new people, have been obscured by my focus.

Up until now I have not appreciated exactly what I have and what I have achieved.

So my dominant thoughts are about lack instead of abundance.

You see I now have plenty of time to do the things I want to. I am there for my parents when they need me. I can take my children to school and be with them when they need me. I get to express my thoughts and people read my articles. I have met many entrepreneurs from all around the world. I have grown and embarked on a journey of ongoing personal development.

I am also better of financially than I ever was.

Yet my  focus has been on not achieving the results I have wanted?

It is time for me to adopt a gratitude journal so I can shift my thoughts towards being grateful for what I have.

What about you?

Have you looked at your own life and really focused on what does it mean to be happy?

If you haven’t you can begin today.

Write down five things you are grateful for every morning and every night before you got bed. This will help you generate happiness in your life.

Suddenly you will realize that there is a great deal to be grateful for.

This will shift you thoughts from lack to abundance.

Then as Lao Tzu’s words of wisdom says the world will belong to you.

Don’t wonder about what it means to be happy, put it into practice instead.

Have a great day.

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