Michael Dlouhy creates mlm onlinesystem

michael dlouhy creates mlm online system

michael dlouhy creates mlm online system

Michael Dlouhy creates mlm online system at a time that auto responders were just making there way onto the technology scene.

So what possess a carpenter from Florida Tampa Bay United states to invest in an on line system? What is leading him to realise that the future of professional internet marketing is on line and with the whole world?

Is it sheer coincidence or is it his destiny to have fun building the largest most profitable organisation in the history of professional network marketing through team work and education. This is his self talk! Michael Dlouhy firmly believes in the law of attraction, he still today says his self talk a hundred times each day. In fact he teaches all his clients and students to begin a self talk to empower them to focus and achieve clarity in their life.

Did the law of attraction steer Michael Dlouhy creates mlm online system in the right direction?

Michael Dlouhy openly admits that he met with a great deal of resistance when he was building his mlm online system. The main resistance came from how much he was actually giving away for free. All of his peers, colleagues came to the conclusion that he was headed for ruin by offering so much of the system for free.  Somehow Michael forged on. The whole story will be revealed when I interview him to discover how the inner voice plays a big part in these decisions or ideas coming to fruition. Stay tuned for that. It will  also be free and worth every second of your time.

Michael Dlouhy creates mlm online system

His system is about using the phone and internet as a way to attract a global team to your professional network marketing or mlm opportunity. The system is geared for search engine optimisation. In other words its designed to feature very highly on the searches that people make on the internet. This is more innovative and  forward thinking approach. The time he was putting all this together was 1995 and the internet was still being discovered.


If you want the whole story about the invention of  how Michael Dlouhy creates mlm online system  go and read the pdf script at  http://mffaudios.info/docs/WhyMFF.pdf.




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