Michael Dlouhy| mlm| Law of attraction

Michael Dlouhy| mlm| Law of attraction

Michael Dlouhy |MLM | Law Of Attraction

Michael Dlouhy |MLM | Law Of Attraction can unite and provide amazing results.

Would you like to know how Michael Dlouhy uses the law of attraction to build his mlm opportunity and his team?


Attraction Marketing

Michael Dlouhy was told very early in his mlm career that he needed to learn to love himself. What has that got to do with building an mlm team?

Well when Michael was told this he replied ‘of course I love myself’.’ His mentor at the time probably Tom Big AL Schrieter I am not sure of the exact details replied well if you can do it, look in the mirror and say it 200 times. Michael was sceptical and said ‘ how will this help me?’ The answer was if you cant love yourself or like yourself how are other people going to feel comfortable in your team?

This initiated a great deal of soul searching by Michael Dlouhy. Of course he went home and tried looking in the mirror and saying  ” I love you.” I am sure you can guess what the outcome was.  He couldn’t do it. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t bring himself to look into his eyes in the mirror and say I love you. He did manage to say I like you. This was his starting point.  He continued using his positive ‘ I like you” self talk until he eventually became comfortable enough within his own skin to say ” I love you” in the mirror and feel comfortable about it.


Attraction Marketing and The Law Of Attraction.

This is not meant be a mushy romance story. It is however about the thoughts and vibrational energy you release. If you walk around being down on yourself and ready to beat yourself up when something goes wrong, then people will not be drawn to you. Or worse still the only people that will be drawn towards you are the people who put out the same stuff. On the flip side however if your energy levels are high and you truly love yourself. Well then you are on the side of the river that flows with abundance. The attraction factor for you is wow! The amazing part is that you can choose. Yes you can choose. You are not locked onto one side of the river.  You can do what Michael Dlouhy did and change the programming from I dont think very highly of myself to I love myself.


Fixing  you so MLM Law Of Attraction is on your side.

Now Michael Dlouhy has realised that this is a huge factor in his clients ability to be successful at Mlm. In his wisdom he is teaching everybody who cares to follow how he overcame these issues. He has created a free personal development course called ‘The Thirty Day Mental Cleanse”  it is all about learning to love yourself. Michael Dlouhy encourages everybody to do a positive self talk and submit a lesson plan about a chapter of ‘think and grow rich’. He believes in this process so much that he personally reads every lesson plan posted. You can never catch him out because when asked why does he put so much time in to doing this? He responds with “because I am selfish”. Michael Dlouhy genuinely believes that he is benefiting most of all by privy to  everybody’s inner struggles to become the person they were meant to be. The lessons are posted on a public forum for all to share and he encourages everybody to read them. Some people choose to send their lesson to Michael Dlouhy privately and that’s ok.

The mastermind principle of sharing the lessons and a then writing a reflection about the chapter being studied is changing lives. You can hear the new found confidence and energy levels on the weekly brainstorm sessions.


Becoming a leader

Michael Dlouhy and his team have built a whole system based on free training and mentoring to assist everybody to achieve greatness within themselves and mlm. The law of attraction is a big part of the ongoing success that people experience. It’s like you develop a magnetism that draws success towards you.  The beauty of the system is that you can pass it on and teach your team to use it all for free.

This ability to grow into leadership is a commodity that many other opportunities do not have. If it is present then your credit card will get a work out as you devour all of the courses and information available. The 30 day mental cleanse is available to everybody world wide for free. Mind you it’s not just for business. Success in business becomes a by product of learning who you really are and who you were meant to be.

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