Michael Dlouhy review

Michael Dlouhy review

Michael Dlouhy review

Michael Dlouhy review highlights the facts about Michael Dlouhy as seen through the author of this post.

A Michael Dlouhy review must touch on Michael’s tough childhood. He continually tells a story of the physical abuse dealt out to him and his siblings. At the age of five he was made to sleep in the attic space of their house all on his own. When he complained of being scared he was told he was no dam good. Two of his brothers died from the physical abuse inflicted by his mother.

He was no dam good

It could have played exactly the way this sentence reads. Michael’s life could have been a series of misdemeanours   and run ins with the law. To witness such cruelty usually results on it rubbing off on you in a very negative way. This would have led anybody to be no dam good. So what kept Mike on the straight and narrow? Was it the steadying influence of his father? Or the steadying influence of his aunt Honey? Michael speaks very highly of his aunt Honey. He apparently spent quite a deal of time with her. Michael fondly talks about his aunt Honey and how she praised him. Aunt Honey’s positive self talk about Michael being a smart boy who could do anything he chose with his life was the reality Michael chose to accept. I guess you probably could say that Michael’s father and his aunt Honey somehow insulated him from the negative abuse going on in his life. In attempting to do a Michael Dlouhy review we must also consider his strong faith that he was a good person and that he asked the God that he prayed to help him through those dark nights in the attic space.

Turning sixteen and having his whole world turned upside down

As he turned sixteen and was making his way to school. Michael’s mother and father told him he was no longer going to school. He instead was now old enough to work with his father as an apprentice mechanic. His promising education career and football scholarship was no longer something he could aspire to. This could have been shattering for most people. However Michael chose not to let it phase him. He somehow turned the bitter situation into lemonade. Michael had already discovered a way of capitalising on life’s curve balls and somehow turn them into home runs.  He worked hard at becoming the best mechanic he could ever be. The irony of it is that not longer after beginning to work as an apprentice mechanic his life changed for the better.


Michael meets Linda 

One day as he was working in his dad’s garage a striking beautiful woman drove into the garage. She was looking for a reliable honest mechanic and his father had built up the reputation of being an honest reliable mechanic. Michael remembered his father words about finding the right woman. When you are considering hooking  up with a girl remember to check out the mum. This will give you a good indication of what she will be like when she reaches a similar age. Michael looked back at the car and noticed a younger replica of the mum sitting in the car. He somehow plucked up the courage to talk to her and romance blossomed from that point on. So Michael now sees leaving school as the best thing that has ever happened to him. This is when he found the love of his life and the inspiration to achieve the amazing things he later goes on to complete.

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Michael Dlouhy review will cover his marriage to Linda and the birth og his children in the next post.

Michael Dlouhy review go onto look at how he became a millionaire in the following posts.

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