Michael Dlouhy



Michael Dlouhy The Leader

Michael Dlouhy is a real leader. He walks the talk. Michael Dlouhy would not ask you to do anything he wouldn’t do himself.

In fact he teaches everybody about what made him into a successful millionaire network marketer. He doesn’t hesitate to help you  in anyway possible to ensure you have every opportunity to succeed. Why does he pay it forward like that ? It is refreshing of somebody who believes in the industry so much to want the best for the industry and everybody else as well.  Michael Dlouhy believes in paying it forward.

Mentoring For Free

If you are a sceptic then you probably should stop reading and go give your credit card a run. Mentoring For Free founded by Michael  and Linda Dlouhy is free. I have had a mentor for well  over twelve months now. He works with me every single week for one hour for free. This is Michael Dlouhy’s vision to have everybody step up to the position of a mentor and pay forward the service they have received from their mentor. He calls it pentacle leadership. The book the Influencer The Power To Change Anything by Kerry Patterson and others sums it up by saying that it builds accountability into the system. As a mentor you have a responsibility towards somebody else. Your job is to help and guide them so they succeed.  This has changed hardened criminals back into society. These criminals have in turn helped others to succeed. So here lies the power of the system.  Anybody can succeed.

Why help them succeed you ask?

Well firstly their success is your success and secondly when you help enough people get what they want  the universe will help you get what you want. This ideal fits beautifully with the Professional Network Marketing System. The people you mentor are in your team and your efforts towards helping them succeed are helping you succeed.  The beauty of it is that everybody does it for free.

Michael Dlouhy

Why does he continue to be active in everything.  Michael Dlouhy is still part of  the live interactive calls. Michael Dlouhy still hosts the personal development program called the 30 day mental cleanse. This is also free by the way.  Michael Dlouhy still does one on one coaching calls for his clients. What drives him to remain so active.

He will tell you straight out.

” I am selfish, I still want to grow and become more. When I stay active and close to the fire I am continually growing”

He makes no bones about it. He is unstoppable. Yet his vision is to have ten people surpass Michael Dlouhy and Linda Dlouhy’s efforts as Professional Network Marketers.


If you want to know more about Michael Dlouhy and his mentoring for free system then click on the highlighted text and get your very own copy of the free ebook success in ten steps.    All you will need to do is supply your email address and phone number. Why your phone number you ask? If you supply your correct phone number then you will get your very own mentor and a free coaching session if you follow the recipe.

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