Mindset | success

mindset | success

mindset | success

Mindset is a crucial aspect to your success.

1.Your success is determined by the way you think. If you possess a positive mindset then you are definitely more likely to succeed.


I will tell you a story about the importance of mindset. Last week all of the members of my network marketing company were awaiting a huge announcement.

The announcement was supposed to be a remarkable opportunity for everybody to rocket their results forward.

Eventually the time came for the announcement to be heard.


2. To everybody’s surprise there was a sting in t the tail of the announcement. Our ears must be deceiving us was the main gist of  everybody’s thoughts when the message came through.


3. David Bertran  Vitamark International’s president announced that Vitamark would be merging with another company called It Works Global.

Our ears must be deceiving us! How can this be a good thing?

David continued to tell us how wonderful this new company was and how it would create massive success for all the Vitamark International Members.


4. How would you react?

Would you feel cheated , betrayed, angry, sad or just plain lost?


Would you have faith, trust and embrace the new venture?

I must admit at first I did feel lost and confused. As I discovered more information I began to align myself with the decision of our trusted leaders.

I realized very quickly that by adopting the emotions of  the first scenario it would mean looking for what the problem had been and who was to blame.

I really didn’t want to go there.

So once I decided to go along for the ride it was a matter of hanging on and looking at all the pros and cons of the new situation.

5. Embracing change is hard for many people.

Change however is the only certainty we have. Everything eventually changes. We either learn to prosper in times of change or we learn to hold on and control what we know.

It is impossible to control. If you try and do this you will just get left behind.

6. Rolling with the punches is a hard lesson to learn but it is the only one that allows you to cope with change.

So I am now looking forward to the massive success this merger will bring to everybody who had faith to stick fast with the decision of The Vitamark Leadership Team.



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