Mlm attraction

Mlm attraction

mlm attraction

mlm attraction

Mlm attraction and you what does it all mean? Is it the law of attraction? Is it magnetising people to you? Is it sex appeal?

How do you have mlm attraction?

“Money is usually attracted, not pursued. Success is not to be pursued;

it is to be attracted by the person you become.” Jim Rohn Quotes.

Does this quote also apply for mlm wealth and success. Jim Rohn should know. So what does it all mean. My mentor Michael Dlouhy’s favourite quote is.

” if you want more you need to become more”

This is keeping with Jim Rohn’s quote of not actually setting out to pursue success. Of course we all want to be successfully and it’s not anything to be ashamed of by any stretch of the imagination. However it seems that the more you chase it the more elusive it becomes. A bit like a habitual gambler chasing his loses. The more he gambles the more he loses.

So if success is not something we should be ashamed of and worth having. How can we do it without chasing it?


Mlm attraction

You need to attract success to yourself. How do you do this? You set out to serve others without an agenda. Mlm and network marketing depend on building know like and trust with each other in a true spirit of harmony. Why you ask? The whole industry is based on relationship building. A strong and profitable organisation relies on people working together to achieve great results. When the team is built on teaching and mentoring people to grow into leaders. Then there is no place for greed and ego to take hold. Everybody can aspire to achieve greatness and lead the life they richly deserve. The more people you help the more satisfied you feel and the closer you get to your goals.

Mlm attraction university

Where do you learn to serve without an agenda? There is a university called Mentoring For Free that teaches people how to think and serve without an agenda.

This university is free and specialises in mlm attraction marketing. The success stories and the innovative curriclum make it worth checking out. Of course so is the cost. Yes anybody can afford free mentoring and training.

Now its quite a strang place because it doesnt:

  • Ask you to build a list
  • Contact your family and friends
  • Use a script
  • get 100 nos so that you get closer to your first yes
  • close your clients
  • buy leads
  • hold meetings
  • knock on doors
  • give out free samples
What it does do is provide :
  • free ongoing personal development
  • free mentoring
  • free interactive training
  • free interactive leadership calls
  • free communication training
  • free resources
  • free ebook success in ten steps
Did you say you wanted to major in mlm attraction marketing?
Download the free ebook at the bottom of the page and enrol right now.
A mentor will contact you and discuss your free mlm attraction course.



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