mlm  Australia pillar number five

mlm Australia| pillar number five

mlm Australia| pillar number five

Does your mlm or network marketing company in Australia have a system for it’s distributors to use?

Do you have qualified leads calling you and sending you their why ?

Pillar number five for your success is a proven lead generation, mentoring and  training system that everybody can use.

If you are doing mlm or professional network marketing in Australia, you can feel isolated from the rest of the world.  This is where pillar number five comes into it’s own.

You could be mentored by somebody in another part of the world over the internet. This opens up the whole world to you.

Or if you are sick of  the time zones and the early morning and late night calls get in touch with somebody in Australia who uses a proven system.



A mentor is crucial to your success in mlm

Imagine how you would feel if after expressing your interest by downloading an amazing free book your new mentor called you on the telephone.

He or she just wanted to make sure you received the ebook and if you had a chance to start reading it?

No pitching no selling.

Your mentor reassures you and lets you know that they will stick around with you for as long as you want them to be around.

How much will it cost you?

That sort of intensive service comes with a price tag. Dont worry your mentor provides their service for free.

It’s part of the system to pay it forward. Want to find out if it works? Click on the link below and find out. Your mentor will call you when you download this free ebook classic success in ten steps. Do it now! You will be surprised.

Your free copy of success in ten steps is waiting for your here.



What esle does pillar number five offer you in your mlm company?


• The team you join must have a system in place that will work for everyone who uses it.  There must be complete resources available; books, videos and audios explaining the system.


The system should be designed to Teach The System! Remember, you want to build your business, Not baby-sit it.

You must take full responsibility for learning the Skill Set.  Your mentor can’t do that for you. An ‘open’ system will allow you to go upline for clarification and advice.

If you don’t see the system working for you right away, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. As in everything we do in life there is a learning curve.  Plug in and be patient.

Personal development should have a big emphasis in the system. This is a relationship business, the more you know about yourself, the better you’ll relate to your clients and customers.

Why some people never pull the trigger in mlm?


  DO NOT MAKE A LIST OF YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. • DO NOT BUY LEADS. • Purchased leads require salesmanship. These methods do not work anymore. 90% of our population are NOT good salespeople. Not only that, most people don’t even like salespeople.
Listen to the call if you need further explanation.


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