mlm| autosuggestion | success

Mlm |autosuggestion| success

mlm | autosuggestion | positive

mlm | autosuggestion | success

What is it about autosuggestion that makes it difficult to to experience success in mlm?

Our guest author today,  Bill Barnes explores this interesting question.

Bill Barnes writes

“This chapter explores a subject that we must come to understand very fully if we wish to direct our own lives.

We already control our lives through our accepted thoughts and beliefs. That’s the way it works.

The question is, are our thoughts and beliefs serving us in creating our most desirable way of being?

Are we presently happy and fulfilled and at peace?

Are we as healthy as we would wish?

Are we as wealthy as we want to be or need to be?

Do we have lives filled with serenity and love?

Are we able to go straight forward toward the attainment of our goals and desires? Do we have fears, resistances and unworthiness issues that make us hesitate?

Would it slow us down a lot if we approached our prospect when we are attached to an outcome with an agenda of expectation which we fear might not happen? Or do we happily rush out to meet people in person or on the phone with love and carefreeness and only wishing the best outcome for all concerned?

I hope your answers to all these questions are a lot more positive than mine are. I have to give myself a bad score.

Happily, we can use autosuggestion to change what we don’t like about ourselves.

Why are attitudes so hard to change? Because we have adopted them. The good ones and the bad ones. We have made them our own.
They are similar to an addiction. We’ve sold out to them.

How? An event occurs in our life and we react to the event. Our reaction is influenced by the level of consciousness that we use to operate our lives. As soon as we react, we immediately look for proof that our reaction is appropriate. We want to verify and confirm that we did the right thing. We can always justify our reaction. Because we are always right, right? So a sort of loop is formed linking the event with our reaction and it is repeated each time over and over whether it serves us favorably or not. In this way, our own thinking either sets us free or imprisons us. In this way we create our present reality and it is also how we can create a new and better reality.

How do we fix our lives? Read “Think and Grow Rich” and follow the suggestions as closely as possible. Hill gives us an excellent outline to follow.

I think I can use this outline to make some improvements. I realize it requires honesty in admitting the fact that a lot of what I have going on simply isn’t working and will never work. I will be recreating my reality into a little better thing. Then I will make a little more progress. Then, repeat over and over on and on.

I am grateful for your friendship and support.

Bill Barnes

Thank you Bill an excellent post about removing the agenda when dealing with mlm prospects. Our autosuggestion can either gear us up for success or failure as Bill mentions. It is important to live in the positive emotions and feed your autosuggesstion good positive messages to attain the success you deserve.

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If you want to become part of the process then please accept my gift.

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