Mlm | facebook share button marketing

mlm | facebook share button marketing

mlm | facebook share button marketing

Mlm | facebook share button marketing is viral marketing on steroids.

If you have a fan page for your brand or products then you have the ability to get your information shared virally.

When one of you fans decides to share your post on their personal profile, they are placing your post in front of their friends.

If every fan has on an average 190 friends then your fan page is going viral very quickly.

It gets better, because if one of their friends decides to share then another 190 get to see your post. Do the maths!

The best part is that if the person who shared your post is a fan of your page, then it’s a pretty good assumption that their fans will be a targeted audience for your page.

I hear the dollar signs dancing in  your head.

Here is a little tip to improve the amount of shares your post will get. Simply tell your readers to like and share your post. In other words give them a call to action. Try it and see if the amount of shares you get for a post improves.


What gets shared?


Killer status Updates get shared.

As always content is king in all posts. So be engaging and original with your status updates.

Think carefully about the big three problems that your fans want solved from the products or service you provide.

Test what gets your audience talking?

Test what gets your audience to share?

Test what makes them laugh?

Once you know some of the answers to the above questions here are some ground rules to remember when posting a status update.

  1. Be engaging so that your audience wants to comment and share your posts.
  2. Have a call to action on your posts. Ask them to like or comment on your post.  Provide a link for them to click.
  3. Always use pictures. Pictures say a thousand words definitely applies here.
  4. Think like your audience. What will engage them and get them to share and comment.


The more likes, comments and shares you get the more exposure your facebook fan page will have.


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