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Mlm facebook marketing strategies rely on you providing value and engaging with your facebook friends and fans.

It is very important to remember that facebook is a social medium so don’t fall into the trap of fire hosing your friends about your business.

You are on face book to build relationships. If you fire hose your friends about your business you are liable to be warned by facebook and be given some time to think about what you have done.

Where can you promote your business?

Now the best place for promoting your business is on facebook fan pages. This gives you the opportunity to promote your company or brand and doesnt get mixed up with your profile. So you have a clear distinction between people that are your friends and people who like your fan page.


What is the best way to attract fans to your fan page

The best way to attract fans is to do regular posting at least once a day. The best time to do your status updates are 8am or 6-9pm in the zone you are posting to. This is information is taken from Brian Moran’s free fan generator. They have done extensive research to assess this statement. So this may require you to post several times a day if you want to target a variety of countries. I’ll give you an example of what I am talking about. I live in Australia so if I want to target  fans in the US eastern states I would have to post either at 8 am to 10 am the next day to fit in with the US time of 6-9pm. Somewhat confusing but I am sure you can work it out.

Click on the link to work it out.View Post

time zone converter

Killer status Updates

As always content is king in all posts. So be engaging and original with your status updates.

Think carefully about the big three problems that your fans want solved from the products or service you provide.

Test what gets your audience talking?

Test what gets your audience to share?

Test what makes them laugh?

Once you know some of the answers to the above questions here are some ground rules to remember when posting a status update.

  1. Be engaging so that your audience wants to comment and share your posts.
  2. Have a call to action on your posts. Ask them to like or comment on your post.  Provide a link for them to click.
  3. Always use pictures. Pictures say a thousand words definitely applies here.
  4. Think like your audience. What will engage them and get them to share and comment.


The more likes, comments and shares you get the more exposure your facebook fan page will have.


If you have any more facebook marketing strategies please feel free to share and get the conversation rocking.

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