Mlm law of attraction |subconscious mind

Mlm law of attraction |subconscious mind

Mlm law of attraction |subconscious mind

Mlm law of attraction |subconscious mind

Our guest author today is David H Paul. David takes us on a journey of finding how to prepare our subconscious mind to have success with the mlm law of attraction. Paul’s insights give us valuable information an ddirection.

Enjoy the post.


According to Napoleon Hill, “The subconscious mind is the “sending station” of the brain, through which vibrations of thought are broadcast. The Creative Imagination is the “receiving set,” through which the vibrations of thought are picked up from the ether. ” When we understand how the sending and receiving of thought vibrations works, we will come to understand why it is Critical to Own Our Thoughts in order to Own Our Lives.

So, the subconscious mind is the “sending station”.  Imagine that you have never once questioned or paid any attention to your subconscious mind. If you plan to have success in life and in business, then I hope for you sake you had a perfect childhood with loving, involved and incredibly supportive parents and role models. I hope you learned How to Think not what to think. I hope you learned that two things above all else will dictate your success in life and business; Your most prevalent and dominant emotions (how you feel) and your capacity for self-love.  If you have not learned these basics in life, your sending station will be broadcasting all the crap that you don’t want.

And, the Creative Imagination is the “receiving set” of what you pick up from others’ minds. Now, the emotions that dominate our subconscious mind and thus our experience in this world are the very same emotions and experiences we are attracting into us, through our creative imagination.  I always wondered why I used to attract the most emotionally unstable and needy people into my life, and now it is clear. My most dominant emotion was a Deep and Powerful aversion to crisis, anger, and especially rage. I focused so hard on what I did not want that I consistently attracted people who displayed those emotions and desperately NEEDED ME to save them. God Lord. Now days, by follow the three steps below, I am receiving emotions and experiences from other people that are filled emotions of enthusiasm, love, sex, romance, hope, desire, faith and even Prosperity.  What a Gift.

How do we change what we send out and receive? We cannot repeat these three steps enough:
1. Fully participate in 30 Day Mental Cleanse Mastermind. Be 100% Teachable and Coachable by following the instructions to the letter.
2. Focus 99.9% of your time and effort on finding and feeling a Self-Talk, what you want to believe, that makes you feel So Good that your heart just might burst wide      open.
3. Say that Self-Talk Out Load 300-400 times per day, Every Day, for as long as it takes for your Subconscious Mind to believe it as Truth.

My self-talk goes like this: “I AM now a well paid prosperity coach, freely sharing unconditional love with great enthusiasm for the highest good.” My brain is sending all of the positive emotions that just burst out of me as I practice this self-talk. And my “receiving set” is attracting and endless supply of amazing experiences and relationships with people who now want to consciously practicing living in the Now and living from the eight positive emotions.  Does it get any better than this?

To your Peace and Prosperity,

David H. Paul
St. Cloud, MN USA


Thank yo Paul to your peace and prosperity too.

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  1. In trying to understand – so subconsciously it was your “aversion” (emphasis) aversion to crisis, anger, and rage that brought exactly that into your life? So, if you are trying to be peaceful because you’ve seen so much instability, will that yield the same result of bringing instability into your life (because your subconscious aversion to non-peace is stronger than your subconscious attraction to peace?). It’s tricky. Focusing on stability is good, yes? So you are saying it was your deep fear of instability that brought more of that rather than your conscious self trying to remain out of crisis and anger? So, if what I’m saying is on track – you were able to somehow cleanse your deep aversion? Appreciate any insights. Thanks.

    • Thank you Matt for your insightful comment. The best way I can explain it is that your thoughts and feelings have to be in synch. In other words if you are consciously trying to put thoughts of peace in your mind but deep down you really don’t believe this is possible. Then you will be attracting back your dominant beliefs. The programming of a life time has to be erased and new program that you really believe in has to replace it. This can be done through positive self talk and feeling good about your self talk. This will raise the vibrational level to attract whatever it is that you really believe and feel good about.

  2. Thank you for your response. I appreciate your reminders of the simple overarching themes, though what I was suggesting is that the actual post touched on something individually unique that could really help people beyond the themes we’re accustomed to hearing. Many people have encountered angry and unstable people. Many people seek to be with peaceful people as a result. But David’s post seems to be suggesting that his unconscious fear of instability was stronger than his conscious efforts to gravitate toward peace. This could really help people, if this is true. Fear is a very strong emotion, very strong. To remove one’s fear of unstable people seems like the key. Your conscious mind is already there thinking appropriately. Would you agree? The key would then be to find ways for your subconscious to feel “safe” and not “fearful.” This is worth pursuing, but is easier said than done.

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