Mlm leaders have dreams and goals.

mlm leaders | dreams | goals

mlm leaders | dreams | goals

Mlm leaders should have dreams and goals as well as vision.

Most people get into mlm to live out their dreams.

Once you have identified something you really want to go after and set your goals towards achieving it. It’s only lack of vision that will hinder your progress.

What is vision?

Vision is the ability to see the big picture. It’s about commanding respect for you and your team. No hype, no scams but treating people as if they were an integral part of your family.

This usually centres around building a business that is here to stay. So the vision should be to build your business into a multi million dollar business that will be around for a hundred years. It  should be able to pay for your children’s children.

Choosing leaders

When you see yourself as a leader of this multi million dollar industry you suddenly realise that you are looking for six generals to carry the business forward. This creates  a mindset of drawing the right people to you.

Tom Big Al Schreiter’s take on this is that as you find them you teach them everything you know. Yes don’t cling onto the information pay it forward to your leaders and they in turn will teach their team what they know and what you taught them.


Want to listen to what it takes to be a leader?



Click on the highlighted text and sit back to hear what it takes to be  a leader. Michael Dlouhy one of our great leaders who has amazing vision will share some of his insights with you.

If you want to know more about leadership and how to grow into a leader. Click on the ebook success in ten steps and enter your name , email and phone number on the page that comes up.

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