mlm | pillar number 5| mentoring and training

mlm | pillar number 5| mentoring and training

Mlm pillar number 5 is about your company having a mentoring and training system ?

Does your company have pillar number five in place.

How much does it cost and is it user friendly?

I will be doing a series of posts that will review some of  the more popular mlm systems out there. My aim is to look at the benefits each system provides.

Is the system exclusively for the one company or can anybody use it to build their business?

I will be outlining the benefits of the system.

I will also include the cost and allow you to make up your own mind on how your system stacks up for the price. This will inform you if you are getting value for your money.


I am currently using  The Mentoring For Free system to build my network marketing business.

So I will begin with the system that I am familiar with and then research and inform you about other systems so that you can appreciate what they offer for the price they charge.


Mentoring For Free

This system created by Michael Dlouhy and friends has currently been upgrade to a pro version. This means you can create video capture pages as well as all of the system generated material.

The cost of the system is $19.95 per month or $199 for twelve months.

Don’t be fooled by the free in the title. It is the mentoring and the training that is free, not the system itself . This causes a great deal of angst with people. Many people like to point out that the system is not really free. Strictly speaking and to my knowledge after 18 months of using the system, The mentroing is for free.

Weekly calls

The system hosts ten live and interactive calls for people to develop their skills.

The calls are about advertising, communication, masterminding and personal development. All of these calls except for the Saturday night mastermind calls and the live communication calls are recorded.

The back office is full of hundreds of hours of rich training that people can get their teeth into.

Lead Generation System

This is done through a classic ebook written by Michael Dlouhy called success in ten steps. All of th members use a variety of  methods to advertise the free ebook.

Once a client downloads the ebook, they begin to receive a series of automated messages to commence building a relationship between you and the client. You are strongly encouraged to contact the person one or two days after they download the ebook to find out if they received the ebook and how you can help them.

Personal development

This is done on many levels with everybody being able to ask for any type of assistance from any of the leaders. However the ongoing personal development based on think and grow rich by Dr, Napoleon Hill is the jewel in the crown. We read one chapter at a time of think and grow rich and write our reflections for people to share.

All of this activity culminates with a weekly call where some lessons are read out and discussed. The thinking behind this is that for many people having an entrepreneur mindset towards their network marketing company is foreign. This personal development allows them to come to grips with the person they need to grow into for success to follow.


So please stay tuned as I investigate other systems to see the benefits they offer.


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