Specialized knowledge in mlm is about knowing the five pillars of your company.

mlm |specialized knowledge | five pillars

mlm |specialized knowledge | five pillars

Why does knowing that your mlm company has five pillars important. Well it’s all about your ultimate success.

Pillar 1:  Does the company management have personal experience building their own networking organization?  Have they done it with Integrity?


• Search Google for the owners of the company.
• Do the owners have Integrity?  Add the word ‘Scam’ to your search.
• Do the owners have a Corporate background or an in-the-field Network Marketing background?
• Read your “Policies & Procedures” and “Terms & Conditions”;
both are part of your Legal Contract.
• Look for the word “Ongoing”.
• Look for policies that strike you as “Unreasonable”.  Like “Termination, with or without cause”.
• Ask yourself “Does this contract protect me or the company?”  “Is it clear which way it leans?”
• Does the company charge you for training or a company web site?
• Does the company charge you for each paycheck they send you?
• Rules of Thumb:
• The longer the contract, the greater the possibility that the policies important to you
are being hidden in “Legalese”!
• If it’s a “Cash Only” business…It’s a Scam!
• If you can buy a position at the top…It’s a Scam!
• If you are offered a “Special Deal”…the playing field isn’t level for all.
• If the products are sold on eBay at a greatly reduced price…Buy there instead.
• If a company is publicly traded, Financial Decisions Will be made in Favor of the
Stockholders at the Expense of the Distributors.
• Check these two websites:   www.MLMwatchdog.com   and   www.MarketWaveInc.com.

Pillar 2:  Has the company passed the “early failure” Time Line?  Are the company’s Products timed with the beginning of a massive trend of consumer demand?


  • Beware of “ground floor opportunities” and start-up companies.
• There should be no rush to get in on the “ground floor”.
• 99% of companies don’t last two years.
• If the company is good today, it will be great tomorrow.
• Most people don’t make money in the first two years while the company is dealing with start-up issues.
• Profit comes AFTER two years.  Join then.
• Avoid companies which have passed beyond their “momentum phase” and have become household names.
(The realistic potential for big growth in gone)
• Do not join a company with a product that has no profit margin!
(i.e – a long distance service or a vinyl record company)

Pillar 3:  Does the company have a Remarkable product at a reasonable price?


  • All MLM companies have a good product.  But, there are others available that are just as good!
• It should be competively priced.
• If the product has both a Retail and a Wholesale price,
Your company has a Recruiting business model, STAY AWAY unless You are Red!
• Warnings:
• If the product would not sell without the business opportunity attached, it is ILLEGAL.
• If you can’t pay with a credit card and Must pay by cash or money order, it is ILLEGAL.
• If distributors collect the money while the company stays at arm’s length, it is ILLEGAL.
• If you MUST have a Retail Merchant’s account, the company is SCAMMING YOU.
• When you begin to justify your product to someone, You become a salesperson.

CAUTION:  Networking is a relationship business NOT a sales business.

Pillar 4:  Does the Compensation Plan Pay Part-Timers?


  • 95% of networkers are part-time people.
Make sure that people can make a decent income working a few hours per week.
• Beware of companies that advertise how many millionaires they have created.
Make sure it’s not at the expense of those “at the bottom”.  Everyone should be able to benefit.
• Take the Comp Plan Test – Ask yourself this question:
• “How many people do I need on my Team to earn a recurring income check of $500 per month?”
• There are companies out there that require as many as 500 and as few as 20.
• It’s not unusual to see well-established companies that require 150 to 350 people and
they are still able attract new distributors – Amazing!  They must be sold on the product!
• If your upline won’t or can’t answer this basic question, You should Run.
• If you are making only 5% to 8% commissions on product, You are being extremely underpaid.
• If a company stresses “Recruit, Recruit, Recruit!”, You should “Run, Run, Run!”
• The purpose of any business is moving product from the company to the end-consumer.
• The majority of your commissions MUST come from product sales; otherwise, it is a SCAM.
• And if you work a plan that Does Not pay on product volume,
somewhere in the process You will lose money!
• More important: You will lose Credibility Too!

Pillar 5:  Does your Mentor offer a System for Success that will work for You?


  • The team you join must have a system in place that will work for everyone who uses it.
• There must be complete resources available; books, videos and audios explaining the system.
• The system should be designed to Teach The System!
Remember, you want to build your business, Not baby-sit it.
• You must take full responsibility for learning the Skill Set.  Your mentor can’t do that for you.
An ‘open’ system will allow you to go upline for clarification and advice.
• If you don’t see the system working for you right away, don’t try to reinvent the wheel.
As in everything we do in life there is a learning curve.  Plug in and be patient.
• Personal development should have a big emphasis in the system. This is a relationship business,
the more you know about yourself, the better you’ll relate to your clients and customers.


• Purchased leads require salesmanship.
These methods do not work anymore.
90% of our population are NOT good salespeople.
Not only that, most people don’t even like salespeople.


       Before choosing a System, get a YES answer to:  “Can I do this?”  and  “Will my Mentor help me?”

Your Mentor’s System Should:
(Ask for a list of those for whom it has worked 3 levels deep)

• Be a proven System that teaches a full Skill Set, including:
• Client interface,
• Advertising/Internet know how,
• Behavioral knowledge,
• Mentoring methods,
• Industry History.
• Have Free Skills Training,
• Have an affordableeasy to navigate Back Office, that includes:
• A complete lead management system,
• eMail and ad copy templates,
• Capture pages combined with an auto-responder,
• Integrated ad tracking and performance comparisons,
• A Help section that makes the Back Office tools easy to understand.
• Keep you Free to build your business.
Stay away from those administrative tasks like building web sites.
• Allow you to do your own Targeted advertising.  Brand Yourself!


Want more listen to Michael Dlouhy’s leaders call on specialized knowledge click on the five pillars link and sit back and enjoy.

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