mlm story telling Success pdf

mlm story telling Success pdf

mlm story telling | success pdf

What is the critical ingredient that allows leaders to build a big successful organisation in mlm? To build it once and let it last for their lifetime and that of their children’s children?

The critical ingredient is that these leaders are the best mlm story telling gurus. Their success is based on telling stories.

What does it take to be a great story teller?  Yes you need to have stories to tell and some flair about telling them.

However the key ingredient is to be a good listener. As a good listener you realise that some of your stories can be used in certain situations.

People don’t forget stories.

So if you are able to tell a story about your mlm products when somebody mentions a particular symptom or problem they may be facing , then you have a good chance that they will remember to buy the product.

Stories sell.

What ever it is that your selling you need to find a way to tell a story about it for your customers to really listen and remember the product. It is also very  important to tell your customer how the product benefited you. It will reduce the sales alarm and show the power of the product so that price does not become an issue. People will not ask about price if they believe they are getting great benefits.

Good story tellers know how to emit an emotional response from their customers. This makes them feel like they want to try the product or service.

Let’s say you want to sell skin care for instance. You would probably tell the story of how your skin feels ten years younger as you apply your special cream. To embellish it a little  you would probably say that everybody else is ageing three years as you apply the cream.

Click on the link below and listen to the audio about how mlm story telling can help you build a massive organisation.

http://The power of story telling

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