Do you lack motivation?

Are you waiting for external rewards to motivate you?

Do you get disappointed when you don’t get the results you are after?

Your motivation is crucial to your end results. No matter how talented you are if you lack motivation you will not achieve the things you are capable of.

How do you get motivated?

Discover what turns you on.

What makes you feel good about yourself and what you are trying to conquer? This is an important question.


Because feeling good is motivating. When you radiate feel good emotions you always tend to bring about the results you are after.

Your emotions play a very big part in being motivated.

You can have a good day or a bad day just by the way you feel at the beginning of each day.

It is an old cliche but the saying ” when you smile the whole world smiles with you” is definitely true. There is a magic that comes with a genuine smile.

The message behind it is I hear you and I care.

Don’t believe me?

Test it for yourself.

Get up every day for a week and concentrate very hard on looking for things that make you smile. When you find them and you will make sure you smile.

To get a real sense of the power of this do the opposite for a week. Find things that make you sad and frown.

Compare your results and please leave a comment for our readers to share.

You can stay motivated by feeling good about what you are doing and where your headed.

And this is the best type of motivation becasue it is intrinsic.

No external prompting or cajoling is required.

Now you can see the importance of finding your passion in life.

Imagine how motivated you will be every day when you get up in  the morning to your work. Except for you it is not work.

Instead doing what you love every single day motivates you to raise everything you to do to dizzy heights.

Analyse your life.

Are you happy with your lot in life?

If the answer is no, then make some changes and this will definitely improve your motivation.

I can hear you say that it is not that easy.

You are right!

But what if it is?

Once again just like setting your intention to be happy throughout the day you can choose to make changes in your life.

This is the secret.

Yet it is not a secret because many people already apply this to their life.

Why not you?


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