Professional Network Marketing is such a level playing field.
I had some issues about time management.
My mentor said talk to an expert in
this area Sarah Thompson.
Now Sarah is amazing at organizing her time
she can even give you back time you didn’t realize you were wasting.

However she is not in my team, she is cross line from me.
I didn’t even know her personally.
Our system’s leaders are available for coaching calls.
Send them a request and three possible times and they will schedule a call for you. Yeah right I thought! So I didn’t hold my breath.

I received an email two days later saying that she was busy that week and could we schedule for the following week. Skepticism started to creep in. I was going to find out whether the leaders actually walked the talk, or was she just going to fob me off!

I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and reserve my judgment to the following week.

Thursday morning came around and at eight o’clock I picked up the phone and contacted Sarah in Florida which was actually four o’clock on Wednesday for her.

To my surprise she answered the phone and was ready to talk to me. This busy millionaire had set aside one hour of her precious time to help me through my time management issues.
Incredible, wait til you read the pearls of wisdom she freely dished out for me.

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