My mastermind group

my mastermind group

my mastermind group

My mastermind group challenges me to elevate my thoughts. I had to choose my mastermind group very carefully. It couldn’t be open to just anybody.

It must operate with a sense of harmony and cooperation otherwise it will not create that wise voice I need.

Have you belonged to a mastermind group? How did it work for you?

A mastermind group can consist of two or more people and it needs to be a cohesive group who are all working on the same page.

Conflict and ego can disrupt the harmony present within a mastermind group. Ego is the enemy becasue the ego is all about itself it does not want to share ideas and compromise. The ego needs to take a back seat for a mastermind group to realize it’s true potential.

A proper functional mastermind group can elevate and transform your ideas into brilliance. In fact it can raise your energy level so you begin to ignite your thoughts to a crescendo that would not be possible on your own or with people who exude negativity.

How do you create a mastermind group then?

It needs to begin with people you can trust.

The people you invite need to share your vision.

Your mastermind members need to provide something special to the group. In many cases it will probably be something you are lacking. You see no one person has everything required to make the whole project work. You may have some of the skills listed below but not all of them. The trick is to find people who will provide you with the total package.

The skills could include:

  • creativity
  • organizational ability
  • technical skills
  • people skills
  • writing skills
  • specialized knowledge
  • vision
  • ideas
  • doer makes things happen
  • social media ability
  • advertising skills

I think you get the picture now.

My mastermind group consists of three people so far. A life coach, mentor, blogger, speaker and presenter. His name is Larry Lewis. A technician, word press expert, seo expert and internet marketer. His name is Neil Haywood. A teacher, mentor, blogger, social media expert and networker. His name is Loddy Micucci

The three of us cover many of the above skills but not all of them. This means that anybody else we allow into our group will be able to compliment what we have and also be able to provide something extra to the group.

Let us know how you go about setting up your mastermind group. Tell us how it has helped you build your success.


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