Never Give Up

Never give up keep learning and growing

Never give up keep learning and growing

Never give up is a constant theme in everything we do. Giving up in anything means there is no more! Once you have given up you will never ever know what was possible if that makes sense.

I am constantly aware of the roller coaster ride life can play out.  A series of ups and downs can permeate through the course of life.

The only constant to this inevitable ride is the way you react.

Many people fall in a heap when faced with adversity, whilst some ride the challenge and flourish.

I am a cricket fanatic and watching the first test of The Ashes at Trent Bridge last weekend just clearly highlighted the above point.

Some players were able to suck in the immense pressure where many others succumbed to it.

These are all elite players who have performed well in the game they love playing, yet when they were exposed to a real test of their will and determination to succeed many found it very difficult to produce their best.

You could see the nerves set in and their focus shift to the importance of the result.

Yet in all of it a young 19 old debutant Ashton Agar held his head high and just seemed to enjoy the whole episode as if he were playing in the back yard with his mates.

The seasoned campaigners whose belief was strong and resilience high performed well. The difference in the result going England’s way was the never shaking faith of Jimmy Anderson. He never faulted in his approach to bowling. He stuck to his plan. He inspired all the other bowlers to believe they could win. He virtually prepared the ball for them and coached them on where to bowl.

Jimmy Anderson never gave up and it was this belief and his skill as a bowler that eventually denied Brad Hadden his quest for ultimate glory.

What do we learn from this?

  • Have faith in your ability to succeed
  • Work on your talents and become better
  • Believe in your team and inspire them to see the vision you have
  • Dont allow winning and losing to define who you are
  • Stay focused on what you can control
  • Be resilient under all conditions
  • Believe in yourself to eventually achieve your goals
  • Bounce back when you have temporary defeat
  • It’s your decision to keep going or to give up
  •  See yourself as a winner and forget about how long it takes you to achieve it.

Please add to this list and comment on your views about never giving up!


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