online mlm marketing system | Yellow personality

online mlm marketing system | Yellow personality

online mlm marketing system | Yellow personality

Online mlm marketing system | Yellow personality really comes in handy when you are talking to your client for the first time.

Calling your client for the first time.

You pick up the phone and congratulate your client for downloading Michael Dlouhy’s classic mlm ebook success in ten steps.

You ask them what led them to download the ebook? Your client responds with they’re interested in  starting up a home business and they are looking for information.

You reassure them that the ebook will definitely give them valuable information. You choose your next question carefully. What are you  trying to achieve by starting up a home business. They tell you that they want to send their children to a private school and go on a holiday with all of the family.

You are now starting to formulate what sort of personality your client has.  They are either a blue who love to have fun and travel or they are a yellow who love to be part of a team and family is very important to them.

Your next question should clinch the answer for you? So you politely ask them what sort of work they are currently doing. They respond by telling you that they work in a busy hospital as a nurse.

The conversation continues for a while and you build up picture of a person who is very family oriented, works in a job that serves people and answers all your questions when asked. This gives you the information you were looking for. Yes you have determined that your client is a yellow open personality who is all about helping others. Sometimes to their own detriment as they think of others so much that they neglect themselves.

Here is your mlm online marketing cheat sheet.

 Michael’s Color Detector Chart
(Can You find all  9 hot spots and what they do?)

Online mlm marketing coaching tips for a yellow personality

Yellow:  open and indirect  

If the person does NOT consistently demonstrate more concern for others than for themselves, they are not Yellow. 

Now the person who comes up is casually dressed. They have Birkenstock sandals on, and blue jeans. Very casual. This is a comfortable person. They walk at a slower pace. They have an easy smile.

And they say “Mentor me!”

“OK. Here’s what I know about you. You are an amazing person. All your friends think you are the greatest listener they’ve ever known. You are dependable. You’re very patient. And you’re nurturing. You love people, and you’re a team player. You have some outstanding strengths.

There are some problems you need to work on. You’re oversensitive. You take things personally. You always conform. You’ll buy other people’s excuses. And You don’t ever set goals. You’re not goal-oriented.

So for me to help you, coach you, mentor you, I’d get You to understand how to not take things personally.

Online mlm marketing coaching practise for yellow personality.

Ok so you think the information is great and you would like to know more. I can give you heaps more information about the topic. However I can do even better than that I can plug you into a free online mlm marketing training system that allows you to practise this information. Are you interested?

If you are download the free ebook success in ten steps by Michael Dlouhy. You can do this by clicking on the link. Once you are on the splash page you need to enter your name, email address and phone number. We do not share your information. It is for my records only and so I can contact you to explain the system and plug you into the training.

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