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Online mlm personal development  is a place you can grow with like minded individuals to achieve your goals and dreams. We study one chapter at a time of ‘think and grow rich’ by Dr. Napoleon Hill. We submit lessons for everybody to share. We brainstorm the lessons on a mastermind call.

Today our guest author is Darlene Moore . Darlene explains the sort of environment and culture that is created in this group.

Darlene writes

Chapter 2

I had mentioned in a past lesson that my goal is to become a millionaire.  Not for the money, but for the person I will become.

I truly believe I am exactly where I am suppose to be, on my personal growth.  I am growing everyday and by adding the training of understanding other people, through the personality training, every moment of my life is spent helping people improve their lives.

My phone rings from 6am until 1am and I am absolutely loving it.

I am not just helping Network Marketers, but I am able to help other people also.

One afternoon last week, I went to the store and the cashier was very frustrated.  I asked her if she was okay and she said yes, she was just upset because a customer yelled at her this morning.  I simply stated in a caring voice that I was sure the customer was having a bad day and it was not personal against her.  She looked up at me and said Oh you are probably right because I did not even know her,  I smiled and said I wish you a fantastic afternoon.

I went back yesterday and I purposely went to the same cashier. Smiled and asked her how her day was going.  She stated they had a drunk come in the store and knock everything off of her candy shelf and she just smiled to herself and was thankful he left. I was excited because she did not even realize that she did not let it take away her whole day.  As I was leaving I smiled and told her to have a fantastic day and she smiled back and said I am.

Because each moment of my day is spent smiling and looking at the positive in everything, at any given moment I am able to give vibrations of positive energy to anyone around me.

Even when it comes to sending out ebook invites.  Everyday before I start sending out my invites I say a prayer to be attracted to the people who want to improve their lives.  Even if it is just one little thing I can do to help them have a better day.

I have many people who just add me as a friend on face book and as I post my positive quotes each day, I know when people read them, at least that moment is better.

Many people send me private messages telling me they look forward to my quotes everyday.

Then there are the people who do ask for the link to the ebook.  How many times I have heard, this is exactly what I was praying for.

I have my phone number at the end of the invite stating if you would like to know more about what I do, feel free to call me.  I receive 2 to 5 calls a day just from putting that statement in there.  Some ask for the link to the ebook but everyone tells me how nice it was to talk to me. or what a pleasure I am to talk to.

My desire of helping  people have a better moment, a better day, or a better life, which ever one they choose, to live each moment of my life giving everyone I come in contact with unconditional love, has brought so much joy to my life.

With much love and appreciation for Michael, Linda and the Mastermind Team for making this life possible for everyone who wants it.

Darlene Moore

Thank you darlene your positive attitude and desire to succeed is very inspiring.

If you want to become part of the process then please accept my gift.

My gift to you is Michael Dlouhy’s classic success in ten steps. Download it by entering your name, email address and phone number. Once you do that I will contact you and plug you into the mental cleanse program all for free. No strings attached. I would be more than grateful to have the opportunity to help you on your journey.

It’s all free because it is priceless.

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