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online mlm system based on giving and receiving

online mlm system based on giving and receiving

How can you build an online mlm system that is based on receiving and giving?


Giving without expecting anything in return

Have you heard the saying it is better to give than to receive? Well from personal experiences it seems that being closed to receiving stifles giving. In other words if somebody wants to give you something and you don’t want to accept it then it’s almost like you are not accepting them. Yes it is an insult. The whole cyle of giving is interrupted and in some instances destroyed because people are no prepared to receive.

Once again I draw on personal experiences here, I have a story of a couple who seemed very generous with everything. They seemed to give and give. Why when we had parties they always brought an over abundance of food. This really placed them high on everybody’s invitation list. Of course they were invited to all of the parties first. It made them very popular indeed.

Unfortunately they have now fallen out of favour with everyone. It seems that they were not open to receiving. How can that be. Well it seems that the only reason they brought so much food to all the parties was a selfish one. People started to notice that this couple would only eat the food they brought to the party. In fact when they were offered food that other people had prepared they always refused. So to cut a long story short. This couple were only happy eating their own food and they rejected all of the other dishes. Most people took this as an insult. So now they are no longer invited at all. The whole cycle has been broken because of the fact that this couple were not open to receiving other people’s food.


Online mlm and receiving

What has online mlm  got to do with receiving. Well the online mlm system I am familiar with is about building relationships. It is about giving and receiving. It is about giving your time and energy freely without expecting anything in return. Why would you do this? Simple because it was done for you. In other words your mentor who has been by your side since you began in the system has given his or her time, effort and energy freely to you. The relationship has blossomed because you have accepted to receive the generosity of your mentors time and advice. If you were to reject the generosity the cycle of giving and receiving would be broken.

You and receiving 

My hope for you is that you are open to receiving so the cycle of giving and receiving is not broken. If a mentor from this system comes your way please be open to receiving what they have to offer. You will discover a world of amazing generosity. A world where people are growing, learning and becoming the leaders they were meant to be. This all happens for free, no strings attached. Why do it you ask? Well it seems that this system is based on the knowledge that to be giving and receiving will elevate you to having stratospheric success.

Click on the link and enter the cycle of giving and receiving to become successful at mlm.

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