online-mlm-tips | five pillar company

online-mlm-tips | five pillars

online-mlm-tips | five pillars

What is a five pillars company and does a company have to all five pillars for you to be successful? 

Many people who get into professional network marketing or an mlm company fall in love with the amazing products being offered. Many more love the idea of building residual income. Another popular reason is that it is  a way to level the playing field for anybody to become successful.

The above reasons may be why you joined a network marketing or mlm company.

Did you ever stop and consider whether or not the opportunity was a good fit for you?  In saying that I mean were you educated about the industry and how network marketing companies operate before you joined?

This brings us to pillar number one

The integrity of the management of your network marketing or mlm company.

Do you know who the founders of your opportunity are? Have you researched them on google? What happens when you type in scam next to their name? If you dont know who they really are and they are trying to conceal their identity. A good question to ask is why?

What about Pillar number two?

Timing in the company is crucial? Everyday there is a new launch and the hype is to get in as it is launched. Everybody sees this as  a way of making heaps of money quickly. Research shows that companies need to establish themselves within the industry before you can even decide if its worth getting into such a company.

The other side of the coin is also true. Have they been around too long in other words past their use by date? This would mean that their success is tapering off. So even if many people made a great deal of money prior to you joining it isn’t necessarily going to be the case for you.


Learn more.

If you are curious about this information learn more by clicking on the audio training below. Take heaps of notes and use it to make a wise decision about your company. I hope you find the information useful.

pillar number one

pillar number two


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