Outwitting the six ghosts of fear?

Outwitting the six ghosts of fear

Outwitting the six ghosts of fear

I saw those ghosts of fear tumble to their death last time I read this chapter.
I physically kicked them over the cliff.

Man it felt good outwitting the six ghosts of fear and up until last week it was all good.

My self talk was strong.

I was confident.
My sixth sense was providing incredible ideas and it felt good.

So what was different about last week?

Well it was the first time I really stepped out of my comfort zone.

It was time to do a presentation about positive self talk to a school
staff of 23 teachers.

That’s very scary for a green. Oh no I guess I haven’t been very good at outwitting the six ghosts of fear?

However I planned, reviewed and masterminded with my team and
the principal of the school.

I felt confident that I had something that they all wanted to hear.

The lead up was promising and full of excitement and the day before it all seemed good.

During the night prior to the event, self doubt reared it’s ugly head. It chipped away at me through the night.

I didn’t sleep very well. I felt ok! But not at the top of my game. My team encouraged me to stay focused. After all the planning was

thorough and we had left nothing to chance. Could I pull this off? Oops there it was self doubt again and fear.

Of course you guessed it. I attracted negativity to myself.

Further evidence that outwitting the six ghosts of fear was still a work in progress.

During the presentation the unthinkable took place.

My phone went off three times when I was introducing our session.
I had forgot to turn it off. I couldn’t even switch the damn thing off!

Skype messages kept flashing up during my presentation. I had forgotten to sign out.

I ploughed on ahead regardless and managed to complete the session and the feedback was relatively good considering the interruptions.

One person did suggest that I needed to be more dynamic. And she was right, because all along that is exactly what I wanted to do to

be dynamic. However I let all of that negative programming of the past, just slip through at the critical moment.

You probably realize how I felt the day after. Could it be possible that after
a year of working on myself and building myself up, through self talk that I
had regressed so far.

Man I was feeling down, nothing seemed to work my whole mind was clouded
in fog. A fog that self talk ,reading positive posts and reflecting couldn’t lift.

My inspiration and drive was drained.

Thank god for the mentoring for free system. My mentor Robert Klinga skypes me
and we spend an hour talking about the whole scenario. It was mostly positive
talk about getting the first presentation out of the way
and that things will be much easier from now on.

I was toying to just sticking with blogging prior to this conversation and not to grapple with outwitting the six ghosts of fear

However after my conversation with my mentor Robert and realizing that I had made the big mistake of approaching the whole thing with an agenda.
I wanted to make this presentation amazing so that the teachers would spread the word and we would get more work. Instead of living in the now relaxing  and enjoying the presentation.
After all the rest will look after itself.

I am grateful that two days later my self talk is once again strong and that I have learned a valuable lesson.
It is important to realize that fear will attack when you have self doubt.

Living in the now and reminding yourself to surround yourself with positive emotions is crucial to your success. It is the best way to about outwitting the six ghosts of fear

I feel stronger for the experience and looking forward to the next opportunity.

So that means that I have grown, in the past I would have brewed over it for weeks, perhaps even months.

It is a process!

Thank you to all my mastermind friends and our wonderful leaders, especially
Michael and Linda.

Love you all
Loddy Micucci.

Loddy Micucci

skype loddy.micucci

cell 61 043 7742108

email loddymic@gmail.com


If you want to go a journey to eradicate the six ghosts of fear from your life. Then download the  free ebook success in ten steps and begin the journey. Just let me know that you want to plug into the free mental cleanse course so you can begin outwitting the six ghosts of fear.

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