Positive emotions | life satisfaction

Positive  emotions | life satisfaction

Positive emotions | life satisfaction

Every day when you wake up and prepare for the new day ahead of you there are choices to be made.

You are responsible for those choices and the decisions you make. You can become aware of the choices you make by realizing the impact your decisions or non decisions make.

Think of it like this, you wake up each day with an energy score of 100. This energy score can either increase or decrease by the decisions you make. A negative outcome will drain your energy and a positive outcome will increase your energy.

Here is the thing each day is designed to slowly drain your energy if you are not aware of what is happening or you just passively respond to the negativity around you.

If you decide to take control and make your decisions based on the positive emotions then you will boost your energy level.

What are the positive emotions that will increase your life satisfaction.


  2. FAITH
  3. LOVE
  4. SEX
  7. HOPE

What are the negative emotions that will drain your energy levels and decrease your life satisfaction? Negative:

  1. FEAR
  5. GREED
  7. ANGER
  8. LACK

My very wise mentor once advised me to write down the eight positive emotions as suggested by DR. Napoleon Hill in “Think and Grow Rich”.

By the way Napoleon Hill only suggested seven and Michael Dlouhy added the eighth.

Michel Dlouhy my wise mentor’s advice was to write them down and carry them around with you referring to them as often as you can. This will help you reinforce them in your subconscious mind. He also said that before you choose anything ensure you are making your choice from the eight positive emotions. If you do this then you are ensuring to increase your energy level for that day and your overall life satisfaction.

Life is like a river there is a positive flow, synonymous to swimming with the current and there is a negative flow synonymous to swimming upstream.

You are not stuck on one side of the river. You can choose where you want to swim.

Living your life through the eight positive emotions ensure you swim with the current. Living your life through the negative emotions ensures you swim against the current.

This pretty much spells it out.

Choose to live your life through the positive emotions and you will increase your life satisfaction.

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