Positive mindset or organized plan?

Positive mindset or organized plan?

Positive mindset or organized plan?

This is an interesting question! Can you have a positive mindset or organized plan as separate entities.

Positive mindset or organized plan is like saying putting the cart before the horse.

It is very difficult to remain positive and upbeat when you are not experiencing success.

This leads me to think that a positive mindset or organized plan actually go hand in hand.

One can fuel the other.

When you experience success by adopting a consistent organized plan you are in fact building up a positive mindset.

On the other hand you can listen, watch and take all the motivational courses in the world and feel brilliant.

However if you don’t take action that positive energy will eventually weaken.

So all of you motivational junkies out there it is important to channel that motivation into attaining your goals.

Once you are able to project that positive mindset or organized plan mentality into your goals, you will become unstoppable.

It is fairly easy to plug yourself into a personal development course and then to work hard at developing  a positive mindest.

Here is where it gets tricky, unless you take action and begin experiencing success then you are actually eroding your positive mindset.

Doubt will creep in and undo the good work.

So my advice to you is to construct an organized plan to go with it.

Sit down and write out what your goals are.

Make a list of the daily actions that you need to do so that you can achieve those goals.

Remember the slight edge philosophy. Daily consistent action over a long period of time will bring about huge results.

If you are in professional network marketing your positive mindset organized plan can look something like this.

Of course each of these is a huge category within itself. Having said this by adopting the above plan you are catering the positive mindset or organized plan issue.
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The important thing to remember is that positive mindset or organized plan are equally important to your long term success.


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