Fear | Power Of Intention

Fear | Power Of Intention

Fear | Power Of Intention

Power of intention cannot be realized if you have fear or self doubts! You need to move beyond feeling all knotted and twisted up inside when you aspire to live a life of greatness.

The message is loud and clear! You can live on the abundant side of life. You can can live on the lack side of life. Deep down no body wants to live their life through lack. Somebody who only saw lack in their life made up the saying “life was not meant to be easy!”

Whilst our life is not easy because even approaching life through abundance takes blood sweat and tears. Nobody will magically hand out everything you need to become great on a platter for you.

Yet some people do it far easier than others.

What is it that they know? Are they the lucky ones who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths? Do they know something that the rest of us are just finding out about? The law of attraction is a law and has been around us all of the time. That is scary when you think about it. The reason it is scary is because if you are surrounded by people who believe that ” life was meant to be hard” then guess what you will attract back to you?

Affirmations are just not enough to undo the negativity in your life! How can you counter the negative forces all around you?

  • Go and live on a desert island?
  • Lock yourself up in your room.

This of course would do the trick but who can live like this for the rest of their lives?

So what can you do to swim out of the river of negativity?

You can begin to change your thoughts by establishing your power of intention. This will become a life changing process.

Take the time to watch Wayne Dyer in the video below. he will inspire you to start swimming over to the abundant side of the river

Pleas leave a comment or a question and I will respond. Let’s begin to change your thoughts through positive interactions.

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