Power Of Passion Community review

Power Of Passion Community review

power of passion community

power of passion community

Power Of Passion Community started by Larry Lewis promises to guide and mentor you to find your passion in life.

A bold claim I might add. Who is Larry Lewis and how can he make such a claim? Well here we have an English gentleman who has endured major stress in his life. At the age of 49 Larry Lewis has decided that he can pay back what he has learnt over the journey of his life so far. Larry has an air of confidence about him,he knows where he is gong and nothing is going to stop him getting there. We do have a resemblance to Will Smith here, his determination and work ethic to succeed are on a similar level.

Why develop a Power of Passion Community?

Larry Lewis is a person who thrives and gets a buzz from helping others succeed. He is now teaching and mentoring people how to live their lives through their passion. He tells a story of how he had to make a dramatic choice in his life. As an active and vibrant gym instructor he had to change jobs.  During a military boot type exercise session he suddenly realised that he could no longer see out of one eye. Very scary for anybody, but as he looks back and thinks about that situation  it clearly defines a turning point in his life. He recalls how he drove himself to hospital and underwent surgery to save his sight.

The fortunate part for Larry Lewis was that his sight was saved. The bad news came when he was told that he could no longer run a gym, his lively hood. To most people this would be devastating. Larry Lewis just dusted himself off and weighed up his options. Since he had many hours of sitting around, he decided to become a hobby blogger.

Having grown up with a history of personal development inherited from his mother “The healthy lifestyles living blog” was born. This dramatic change in his life was his calling. He quickly built up an amazing reputation for his blog and his writing style. In two years he learnt how to earn a good income from his blog. So he considers himself blessed. He is now doing what he loves and it is his work.

The Power Of Passion Community is born

This was the seed of the Power Of Passion Community. What if he could teach, guide and mentor people to become successful through their passion? What if he could show people how to follow his model? He knew there was one major stumbling block. Most people do not even know what their passion is. Some who do, the successful entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey  immediately come to mind are living the life of their dreams. The driving force to success for these people is the energy they get from following their passion. Larry’s personal development background is the key here. He knows that people need to be  supported and guided to find their passion. The confusion and chatter in people’s minds about needing to survive from day to day needs to be erased.


Why have a Power Of Passion Community

The idea of a power of passion community is in keeping with the mastermind principle. Larry Lewis is creating a safe secure environment for the members to learn and grow as they discover their passion in life. This community needs to work in harmony and have at its disposal expert facilitators to assist people to grow. Many people will be considering whether they want to open themselves up to such a journey? In his wisdom Larry wants to teach people what is possible if they commit to the process. He uses his own experiences and the knowledge of his many years of life coaching to great effect. He has  a proven track record for making a positive difference in people’s lives.


How much does it cost?

The process is priceless so the whole community experience will be free.   Check it out for yourself at http://www.healthylifestylesliving.com/ .


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  1. Loddy. I am touched and overwhelmed by your faith in me and my passions. I see it as a gift i have been granted to help people make the difference to both their lives and their livelihoods. I have been fortunate in the path i have been set on, and my strongest desire is to help others find their way, the road which is their calling. With great people like you by my side how can anything other than life changing moments touch anyone through this community we will huild.

    • Thank you Larry Lewis for giving people the opportunity to live life on their terms. Discovering your passion is about doing what you love. I hope people really embrace The Power Of Passion Community and discover how to live a life that they only dreamt about.

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