Practical steps for your self talk |positive mindset

practical steps for your self talk |positive mindset

practical steps for your self talk |positive mindset

Practical steps for your self talk |positive mindset is about knowing how to control your thoughts.

In this post I will tell you how I learned to use practical steps to begin to control my thoughts.

I am now able to analyse what enters my mind.  This has happened after a  long process of experimenting with self talk .

I have reached a level where the chatter in my mind is beginning to quieten down.

I no longer worry about not achieving what I set to do.

I had this ridiculous notion that if I used reverse psychology, then I wouldn’t be disappointed when I failed. Guess what I was doing, yes you probably got it I was attracting failure to myself. Sure I wasn’t getting disappointed! The problem was I wasn’t achieving anything either.

I put it down to my programming ‘don’t aim too high or you will get disappointed’ self talk. This is something that I grew up with and for me it controlled everything I did. Everything was about being conservative and staying within my comfort zone. This was a great way to live. I wasn’t getting disappointed.  Dah!

How do you begin to change the programming?

Well for me it was about being immersed with a group of like minded people. These people are learning to be successful in life and in business. I also learned how to say a positive self talk with power and passion about 400 times each day.

The fuel and daily activity to bring about the erasing of the old programming is to begin a mental diet. The old saying about you are what you eat is also true about your mind .’You become what you think about!

So just as when you are dieting and you have to be very careful and conscious about what enters your mouth. The same is also true about what enters your mind.

Don’t let the negative junk thoughts enter your mind. This is junk food for the mind.

Instead surround yourself with positive people. Read good uplifting books. Feed your mind with good healthy thoughts. This will initiate  a whole new program for your mind to deal with.

Yes be selective about what you allow in from the media. Television and radio are your worst enemies. If you can, block them out for at least thirty days.

If you’re really serious get rid of them.

How do we feed our minds with good healthy thoughts?

Reading good healthy books such as personal development books is a good starting point.

Commence a positive self talk. Say this around four hundred times each day. If you want more information on the process click on the highlighted text.

When somebody is puking negativity all over you and you cant walk away. Shift your thoughts to your perfect day. The smile on your face as they’re puking negativity will soon make them stop.

Using the above strategies has been a saving grace for me. I haven’t completed the journey yet. The path becomes never ending and the excitement of staying on the journey is magical. So I don’t want it to end.

Everyday and every moment of each day takes you deeper into living in the now. This is priceless.

Start doing your self talk and you can begin the journey.

Loddy Micucci

cell 61 0437742108

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Practical steps for your self talk |positive mindset is worth incorporating into your life.


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