Practical steps on how to craft you self talk

practical steps on how to do your self talk

practical steps on how to craft your self talk

When you use these practical steps to craft your self talk you will learn how to control your thoughts.

Self talk

Self talk is when you catch yourself thinking out loud. It’s that internal voice that desperately makes its way to the surface when it is quiet enough to be heard. It’s like a guardian angel that is there to get you to think about what you are doing. It has a clarity and a lucidness full of inspiration or negativity. It is there whether you like it or not. It is there whether  you are conscious of it or not. It influences  your decisions and everything you do. It can do  it automatically or through  manipulation. Once you  get your head around the fact that it is part of who you are then you  can begin to acknowledge your self talk. Yes I know that this sounds like the inner voice.  Is your self talk and your inner voice one and the same thing? It makes sense to reach the conclusion that your inner voice is in fact the sum and the product of the constant self talk that you do. This is impacted on you by your environment and your experiences.

The starting point to make changes in your life is to acknowledge  your self talk and to decide   if it serves you or not. You cant really fix anything unless you become aware that there is a problem  Once you are ready to change the non serving self talk you need to clear out the old programming. To do this you need to slow down the chatter in your mind and begin a totally new program.

Slowing down the chatter in your mind.

The constant repetition of  positive thoughts allows you to build clarity and remove all the negative programming that has built up over many years. It’s like defragging a disk on your computer. You are making more space to work on building your dreams. How cool is that! Once you have created the space for your creativity to come through, inspiration will fill its place. You can do this by consistently feeding your mind positive thoughts. Once you get into a habit of doing this then your mind will be shielded from negativity. Imagine attracting positive thoughts and positive people into your life? This is what you are preparing for by staying in the positive emotions.

What does a good self talk sound and feel like? 

A good self talk  includes how you feel about yourself ” I love my self”.

A good self talk includes comments about gratitude. “I am happy and grateful to be alive”.

A good self talk  includes what you  have achieved. “I am a very successful business person because I pay attention to high quality service”

A good self talk includes how you are  achieving your goal’ I am providing quality service by listening to what my clients want”.

A good self talk includes  what you will give in return for achieving your goals. “I am delivering what my clients want through team work and education.”

So it goes something like this “I love my self and I am happy and grateful to be alive. I am a very successful business person because I pay attention to what my clients want and I provide them with quality service through team work and education”.

This clearly tells the universe to send clients who are looking for good quality service through team work and education to you.

So not only are you changing your thoughts to the positive channel, you also engage  the law of attraction to assist you achieve what you say you are already doing.

Keep saying this and tweak it when it doesn’t roll off the top of your tongue.  You will reap the rewards of a positive mindset and a way of  feeding your subconscious mind a new program.

Convincing your subconscious mind.

This is the amazing part, you can undo the programming of a lifetime by consciously tricking your subconscious mind to believe a new program. How do you do this? You use the self talk prepared above. You say it 300 to 400 times with passion and emotion.  The highly charged thoughts make their way straight to the subconscious mind. Once the subconscious mind registers the message it sets to work on creating the situation for the message to become a reality. The beauty of this is that it begins to align with the universe to allow you to achieve your white hot burning desire. It sets in motion a series of  experiences and situations for you to seize upon so that your desires are fulfilled.

Taking control of your thoughts

Once you become good at using your self talk to block out negativity and working towards your goals and dreams the next part is to take control of your thoughts. Use a radar approach to scan your mind, when you pick up traces of negativity say stop it. Yell it out if you have to , this  will blow up the negative thought like a heat seeking missile would.

How do you use a radar scanning approach to detect your negative thoughts?

As you become better at using your self talk to stay tuned into the positive channel, you will begin to be acutely aware of the thoughts that pass through your mind. It then is just a matter of honing in on any negativity trying to invade your positive space and blowing it up with a stop it missile.

Now you are armed with the ability to be the master programmer of your thoughts. When you say a positive self talk with passion and emotion you can bring about positive results in your life. When you catch your self having negative thoughts you can quickly change the situation by consciously getting your mind to switch to the positive channel.

Take time to practice this you will be so glad you did.


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