Procrastination help

procrastination help

procrastination help

Procrastination help is something everybody needs.

How often do you put things off? I know it starts with a small excuse. It could be as simple as I’ll write my letter after I feed the dog. On the way to feeding the dog you , well you know how it goes. You think of many other things to do before you think about writing that letter again. Does this sound familiar. Yes, then you need procrastination help.

What is procrastination help? It is designed to stop you making excuses and taking action. You see once you take action then you will stop procrastinating. You want to know more I heard you say.

Watch Ellen Degeneres video as she explains how to beat procrastination.

I am not sure if she actually told us how to beat procrastination.  She did however do a good job of identifying what it is.

Ok I know enough of the leg pulling stuff, procrastination is a serious problem for some people. So let’s deal with it here and now.

Living in the now.

  • learn to take action
  • learn from the past and use it to make decisions now.
  • don’t worry about the future there is only now.
  • change your self talk to I can do it
  • shed away self doubts
  • surround yourself with I can do it people
  • make a list of things you need to  do and tick them off as you accomplish them
  • be grateful for what you accomplish
  • be grateful for everything
  • smile


Read the above list and put it into action right now and you will be well on the way to not requiring any procrastination help at all.

Enjoy your day and let me know if you implemented the above list and whether or not it gave you procrastination help.

Talk soon.

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