Are you ready for success

Are you ready for success

Are you ready for success

I see it all the time.

People hunger for success, they work hard and learn many things but they never succeed.

Their idea of success is how much money they will make.

This is their limiting belief.

They measure success by the amount of money they acquire in their bank book.

I am not saying that money is evil here.

What I am saying is what are you prepared to give so that you will be ready to earn the money you so desperately desire?

The universe will not give you something for nothing.

What service or product can you trade for the amount of money you desire?

When you think about it in these terms you stop chasing money.

This is important for the more you chase money the more illusive it will become.

Shift your focus to the spirit of giving. What value can I give to earn the money I need.

This will become a whole paradigm shift for you.

The value you provide will be reimbursed by the amount of money you desire.

I’ll tell you a story about this to highlight my point.

Over the last five years I have become a moderately successful online marketer. Moderately successful because I have learnt heaps and helped many to succeed, however my bank balance does not yet reflect this.

I am also a teacher who has had a successful teaching career and now specialize in helping people with dyslexia. I make a difference in the lives of people who have struggled to read and write properly at school. This is where I make my money.

To cut a long story short. I approached a local school and offered my service as a dyslexia consultant, to my amazement they offered me a job.

Suddenly I am teaching two hours every day with a small group of students. This suits me down to the ground because now I can focus on my online marketing with the time  I need and the finances I require.

Better still I influenced the principal to purchase a five thousand dollar course for his school to address the learning issues of students who have dyslexia within his school.

Guess who is teaching the course.

Why can I go out and make money easily when I am providing a service that  I can deliver with confidence and success?

Because I am providing real value and making a difference for my clients.

The moto of this story is what can service or product can you deliver to help you make money?

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