Results | Success | Failure Ego holds you back

Results in the form of success and failure confront you from a very early beginning to your life. Everybody seems to be fuelling their need to get better and better results. Your ego designs it that way. It wants power and it wants to establish itself as the best!

The truth of the matter is that than can only be one best?

So what happens to all the rest?

Those profound words impressed on me the folly of everybody trying to outdo each other. Your ego wants to separate you from the herd in a selfish way. It wants to leave you feeling like you need to fight, scratch, lie cheat or what ever it takes to get to the top.

It makes you move away from nature and builds a life of power and greed. This keeps you wanting more and never really being happy with what you have accomplished. How can you be when there is more to do? There are people who have more than you!

Does that sound like your life? If so then your ego is driving you towards a power hungry existence. This may be great when everything is rosy. What happens when you eventually fall? Change takes place right throughout your life that is the only certainty in life.

Wayne Dyer in his books on “The Power Of Intention and Change Your Thoughts” tell you to do the exact opposite. The wisdom of Lao Tzu also tells you to live an ego less existence.  The message is that if you really want to know who you are and what your purpose in life is then you need to begin to silence your ego. Wayne Dyer uses the acronym for EGO as Edging God Out. To him and to many other spiritual and personal development gurus following your ego is going against who we really are.

It is like swimming up river and hoping that you can be better than everybody in front of you and those swimming down river!

Yet for all intense and purpose the person with the big ego and the drive for power seems to be the one who gets ahead.

This post does not come with answers or solutions. It is designed to provoke your thoughts. Watch the video below on what Wayne Dyer concludes about Ego and leave comment to share with others.

Waiting to read and respond to your questions and comments.

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