secret | energy boost| mind

secret | energy boost | mind

secret | energy boost | mind

Energy boost is the secret mind vibration tool.  When  your mind is in state of high vibration you  can engage your creative imagination to find solutions.

So what is all this energy boost stuff then?

Here is a sneak preview of the lessons you need to embrace if you want to have a major energy boost to your mind.

Why would you want to know the secret about how to have an energy boost to your mind?

The Bob Proctor coaching course clearly show us that for us to use our creative imagination to become the person we were meant to be, we need to raise the vibrational level of our mind.

This can be achieved through ten mind stimuli that are repeated over and over until the energy level is in tune with your sixth sense and your creative imagination.

What are the ten mind stimuli?

1. The desire for sex expression

2. Love

3. A burning desire for fame, power, or financial gain, MONEY

4. Music

5. Friendship between either those of the same sex, or those of the
opposite sex.

6. A Master Mind alliance based upon the harmony of two or more people
who ally themselves for spiritual or temporal advancement.

7. Mutual suffering, such as that experienced by people who are

8. Auto-suggestion

9. Fear

10. Narcotics and alcohol.


As you can see three of these mind stimuli are negative, however they also have the capacity to raise that vibrational energy towards helping people realize their creative genius.  Of course the seven positive ones are definitely more preferable and probably work better as well.

So why is it important to boost your mind’s vibrational frequency. It is the ability to do this that will enable any mere mortal to become a genius.

Why settle for a life of mediocrity when we all possess the creative flair to inspire and do amazing things in our lives.

Bob Proctor clearly explains what stops us from doing it. He points the finger at the  negative programming you have received from the time you entered this world. Perhaps even long before that. You see it is your habits formed by your experiences and interactions that create your mindset.

What is required is for you to shift those habits and replace them with new ones. This is not an easy task and it explains why only 3 out of 100 people decide to take it on board.


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