Secret language for Green personalities

Secret language of green personalities

Secret language of green personalities

So you know about Tom Big Al Schrieter and Michael Dlouhy’s colour training.

You know that people are made up of  various personality traits and that they have one major dominant one.

You are on the phone talking to a client and you work out that they are a green  personality. You know they are all about getting the facts and knowing the information.

So how can this help you now?

Well the first thing you can do is to let them know you have worked out their main personality quality. This creates surprise and curiosity within your client. It also opens a common point of discussion. You are also establishing your level of credibility. Suddenly you position yourself as an authority on communication.

Ok great now what!

Please remember here this is only a guide, don’t get sucked into using a script. Scripts don’t work! One script does not fit all. If you use a script you wont even be able to work out the personality of  the person. You will be to interested in making sure you follow the script. This means you don’t really hear what the client is saying. Your client will know that you have an agenda.

Green Personalities  love to have all the facts

Talk to them about all the pdf  information you have. They want it! If you are communicating via skype send them the links.

Send them the documents about your mentoring system.  Let them read the information and get them to highlight any questions or points of discussion

Tell them how they can study your free personal development program and submit lesson plans as well read everybody’s lessons.

Dont talk too much

Stop and listen with your  heart so you know what to say next.  Find out about your client and point them in the right direction as they voice their needs.

Don’t overwhelm them

Provide one or two resources or points that will help your client move forward.

Schedule a further appointment 

Make it clear that you are there to help them on their journey and prove it by scheduling a regular coaching call.

This begins your journey of building a relationship to success with your client.


If your system does not have the above training, it is time to seek out a system that does.


If you want to know more about the secret language of colours listen to the audio below.

personality colours

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