self talk | mlm aha moments

self talk | aha moments

self talk | mlm aha moments

self talk | mlm aha moments

Hello in this post I want to highlight how powered up self talk  can bring mlm aha moments.

Now if you have been following this story you would have come to the conclusion that there was going to be a major break through in my understanding of the mental cleanse process. This post will definitely confirm that.

Blocking out negativity

Once I commenced to block out all negative influences from my life.  No watching tv, listening to radio and most of all staying away from negative people. Ok you are probably feeling well what do you now do in your spare time?

The brilliant part is you get to read uplifting books and immerse yourself  with like minded individuals this creates a totally new environment for you. It is amazing just how much more time you have to devote to building your business when you remove the negative distractions.

Self talk and mlm aha moments

As I set off on my walk after a week of self imposed positive isolation, I noticed a change in the way I was saying my self talk. I hadn’t changed any of the words, I was saying it at the same pace and repeating as many times as before. Yet there was something different about it. My self talk seemed to be coming from the pit of my stomach and vibrating all of the way out through my mouth. It echoed as if I was saying it in  a dark cave. During my walk it felt like I was floating on air. The best part about it was that I was now getting terrific mlm aha moments to use in growing my mlm business. Suddenly I did feel different and the earth was moving. I couldn’t help feeling like kicking myself for not following the instructions properly in the first place. I had to quickly say stop it to that thought as I didn’t want to stir up any negative feelings.

Talking to strangers

My self talk energised me and somehow made me radiate some form of attraction energy. After my walk I went shopping at the local supermarket. Nothing unusual about that except that when I went to check out and then walk to my car all sorts of people were coming up and talking to me. Complete strangers whom I had never met before suddenly wanted to know who I was. They started up a conversation with me. This was weird and something that had never happened to me before. It was like I had some sort of halo around my head and people wanted to know where I got it from?


Surprises keep coming

The surprises did keep coming. A part of the mental cleanse program is to write a lesson about the chapter we read each week. I had been doing this religiously from the very beginning of joining the program. Michael Dlouhy the founder of the system reads all the lessons and chooses eight to be read on a special mastermind call. Up to this point I had not been asked to read my lesson on the call. It was almost like Michael knew that my self talk had suddenly produced amazing results for me because that week he did choose my lesson to be read on the call.

Stay tuned for reading my lesson on the mastermind call. If you want to become part of the process then please accept my gift.

My gift to you is Michael Dlouhy’s classic success in ten steps. Download it by entering your name, email address and phone number. Once you do that I will contact you and plug you into the mental cleanse program all for free. No strings attached. I would be more than grateful to have the opportunity to help you on your journey.

It’s all free because it is priceless.

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