sixth sense|infinite intelligence

sixth sense|infinite intelligence

sixth sense|infinite intelligence are they one and the same?

Sixth sense|infinite intelligence are they one and the same thing?

Sixth sense|infinite intelligence is a person born with it?

Ken Klem a mentor at mentoring for free has a great definition of the sixth sense. He says that it is really our first sense.
We are born with it.
This does make a great deal of sense, for it’s intuitive and it is designed to help our survival instincts.
As young children we have no fear and we try anything. There’s that word fear again!
What is it that leads us to a state of fear?

The spontaneity and carefree childhood somehow dissipates and is replaced with fear.
This scrambles our ability to use our sixth sense.

It is slowly programmed out of us because we consciously try to ignore it. Why do we do this?

I think it has something to do with associating it with trauma.

My mother was amazing at having hunches or premonitions. She would dream situations and
know how to interpret the dream. She would inform us of any happy situations such as money that was
coming our way or sad events such as accidents or deaths.

She had an uncanny habit of being  right.

Over the years the happy situations were few and far between and the sad events seemed to dominate
her thoughts.

Now she keeps her dreams to herself and only shares them if it’s really powerful or to warn us about
any impending danger.

I think this has a lot to do with her poor health and her outlook on things. She is so drawn towards all
the tragic events that are happening all over the world.

So where does the fear come from? It comes from thinking that when you have a hunch from infinite
intelligence that something bad is going to happen.

So where does this fear of the sixth sense|infinite intelligence come from?

I am sure this is about living in the past and reflecting on the negative experiences.
This leads to attracting those situations into your life. It all adds up to the sixth sense|infinite intelligence being something to be feared.

What if as children we are taught to live in the now and we are encouraged to have a positive  outlook right throughout our lives?
What if we embraced our sixth sense|infinite intelligence as a powerful medium for attracting amazing things into our lives?

How Napoleon Hill dealt with his fear of sixth sense|infinite intelligence?

In his book “think and grow rich” Napoleon Hill’s fourteenth chapter is about the sixth sense|infinite intelligence.  He tells us how to tap into it through the 13 principles in his book.

Napoleon Hill was terrified at first and didn’t want to admit that he was having meetings with his
secret counsellors. He in fact stopped the meetings for several months before he had the courage
to proceed with it again. He then built up his counsellors to fifty. He was using the influence of his
councilors to enrich his own personality and knowledge.

The parallels to be drawn here are fantastic because we no longer have to endure the company of negative people.
We can use the sixth sense|infinite intelligence to summon positive people into our lives, from all around the world whether they be living or past.
We can truly escape and create our own sphere of influence by choosing the amazing individuals that we want to have as counsellors.

The environment for the  sixth sense|infinite intelligence to flourish.

Now if we cast our minds back to growing up in an environment where you are taught to live  in the now and embrace your sixth sense|infinite intelligence to grow and develop, what would it be like? Would it be a world we all want to belong to?

Hill states that when you read the chapter on the sixth sense|infinite intelligence for a second time you feel a sense
of elation and an increased heightened state. This is really happening to me it’s like being lazier focused and having clarity to visualize your goals as being achieved.

This is just from reading the chapter twice. What if we extrapolate this to using our  sixth sense|infinite intelligence from
the time we are born in a positive manner? Perhaps many of the untapped functions of our intricate brains could be activated?

How hard it is, sometimes, to trust the evidence of ones senses!
How reluctantly the mind consents to reality.”~ Norman Douglas

Thank you Michael and Linda and the world’s largest mastermind group for you are all my
secret counsellors.

Loddy Micucci

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