slight edge | delayed gratification | success

slight edge| delayed gratification|success

slight edge| delayed gratification|success

When you adopt the slight edge philosophy and delay your gratification then success is just around the corner.

Self Discipline

Using the slight edge philosophy reminds me of the story of the tortoise and the hare. One is slow and steady as you go to eventually win the race. Where as the other method is to run as fast you can until you crash and burn. Which method are you adopting my network marketing colleague ? Are you listening to hype and get rich quick scheme or are you in an opportunity that will stand the test of time? One that will change your financial status forever. Lose that lottery mentality! Let’s say you did hit the big time with the lottery mentality, then what? What would you do? Would you have the self discipline required to enjoy your success or would you just squander the money? Most people that win the lottery and are not used to having money find themselves broke and penniless.

Using the slight edge philosophy

When you make using the slight edge part of the way you operate then success gets closer every single day. The slight edge is about doing the little things consistently that will eventually over time bring you success and help you to achieve your goals. Delayed gratification is part of the process. It will not happen straight away.  A good word picture is the effect dripping water can have on a rock face. At first there seems little if no apparent effect. However over time the rock face begins to change due to the persistent water running over it. It becomes smoother. If this water continues to work away over the rock face for a very long time. It can actually change the rock completely or even eventually erode it away.

So consistent daily action the slight edge,  having delayed gratification and believing that your results  will lead to your success is the mindset you need to adopt!

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