How do you stick to your new years resolution 

How do you stick to a new year resolution

How do you stick to a new year resolution

Last night my business partner Larry Lewis sent me a goals plan for 2014. It was a very practical document that will help me see out my new year’s resolution and stick to it.

As I looked at it and digested the information I suddenly realized that I don’t like setting goals. It got me thinking as to why that was the case.

Was it that:

  • I get too disappointed when I don’t reach them
  • my programming about living within my means hinders setting big goals
  • I am for ever trying to reach them and not actually ever getting there
  • I am not used to writing down goals
  • It seems like hard work
  • I seem to do better when I don’t set goals
  • setting goals is for really successful people

Now that I begin to analyze my response I would probably agree with all of the above points.

So what am I missing with this goal writing stuff?

Have my goals been too:

  • far fetched
  • sole destroying because of not achieving them
  • ambitious
  • poorly planned
  • rigid
  • serious
  • non specific

They certainly have been all of the above.

So what now?

Do I give up setting goals for 2014 and just hope that life will just work out?

My business partner assures me this stuff works. His work book informs that I need to set specific measurable goals that can be achieved.

He calls this the SMART process.

Here is the formula:

S = Specific

M = Measurable

A = Actionable or Attributable

R = Realistic

T = Timed Specific

Specific goals have a far greater chance of being accomplished than a general one. So, instead of making a general statement such as, “I want to lose weight” be specific. How many Kilograms do you want to lose? What do you believe is your ideal weight? When you think of being in shape, is there a specific dress or pants size that you have in mind? Be specific.

Here is an example: Person X wants to lose 3 stone (42 lbs) to reach 15 stone, go down to a trouser size of 36. That is specific.

This one definitely applies to me so here goes. 

I want to stabilize my weight at 75 kgs which is 12 stones plus . My weight fluctuates up and down and is currently at 83.5 kgs.

So I want to reach my ideal weight by June 2014. This means that I will drop to a trouser size of 34. I will feel great and have plenty of energy to burn.

It’s pretty easy to set a measurable weight loss goal. Just step on the scales.

What do you weigh?

What do you want to weigh?

What is your clothing size?

What size do you want to be?

Use a measuring tape to measure your waist, hips, arms, thighs, etc. Write down your measurements, then each week (or month) take new measurements to see if you’re on track with your goal.

It is harder sometimes with other goals but you can always determine a way to measure it.


If you will take the time to plan things out, then almost any goal is attainable. Sensible planning allows you to carry out the steps you need to achieve the goal you’ve set for yourself. Think about what steps you’ll need to take and write them down. Hard work, persistence and the right steps make your goals attainable, but you have to put a lot of effort and commitment to make them happen. Diet and exercise really do work, but often require major lifestyle changes.

My main plan of attack to make my goal attainable is to :

  • eat healthy
  • increase my exercise level to incorporate a morning walk and an evening walk.
  • investigate green juicing options as my third meal for the day.



Your goals must be realistic and possible, even though they can be extremely hard to achieve. But to be realistic, a goal must represent an objective toward which you are both willing and able to work. A goal can be both a high target and realistic; you are the only one who can decide just how high your goal should be.

I believe losing 8.3kgs in six months and stabilizing at that, is realistic.


We must have an idea of how long we will take to achieve our goals.

By keeping these S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting principles in mind you will definitely be giving yourself the best chance to achieve the goals you desire!

I will keep you posted as to how my New Year Resolution or should I say Goal setting plan is working.

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