Have you been in situations when you have wanted to interrupt your client. Stop it!
Are you buying leads? Stop it! Are you trying to do it all by yourself? Stop it!
Are you wasting time? Stop it!
Are you fire hosing people, that is bombarding people with heaps of information. Stop it!
Are you meeting your clients with an agenda to close them! Stop it!
Are you chasing your family and friends? Stop it!
Are you chasing 100 nos in anticipation of that one glorious yes? Stop it!
Are you doing too much talking when prospecting? Stop it!
Are you raising the salesman’s alarm when you’re prospecting for clients? Stop it!

Take Bob’s advice and just stop it!
Learn how you can approach network marketing professionally by clicking on the link below
Professional Network Marketing.

Please leave a comment about the crazy things you did when you first started network marketing?

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