Stop the noise | subconscious mind

Stop the noise | subconscious mind

stop the noise| subconscious mind

stop the noise| subconscious mind

Stop the noise and your subconscious mind will align with your conscious mind to deliver the things you really want in life.

Marylouisa Exton from Brisbane Australia our guest author today gives us a brilliant explanation of how the subconscious mind is programmed.

Marylouisa Exton writes:


The Subconscious Mind brings me back to my childhood again, in my last lesson, I explained that I was referred to as a Halfcast child, I will endeavour to explain that I was not really halfcast, because I had 7 different ethnic bloodlines that ran through my veins.  I am now a woman that has created her own path in life and taken the best out of my 7 ethnic heritages.  I cook and sing and have mixed the customs all up and made my own rules, while not disrespecting any one particular family.  I was predominantly brought up as a Roman Catholic, where I was thought what to pray and not how to pray (thanks Michael for bringing this to my attention is never to late for a lesson in life)   I now know how to pray what I want to pray, but there will be times when I go back and pray in the parrot fashion that I had grown up with, because even those have their reaons.   An old village man from one of my 7 bloodlines told me a long time ago when I asked him, why do I have to go pray the white mans way, this is what he said to me:  My bubu (grandchild) when I pray, I close my eyes and i keep quiet and and I pray to my God, he is not the same God you pray to, but he is still the one God.  I keep silent and think about nothing and its very easy for me to be at one with my God because I have no radio, I am not running around in my big fancy noisy smelly car.  I take the time when I am fishing to be at one with my God, I thank him for the fish that I will catch, I thank him for the music that the birds provide, I thank him for the stars that light up my night and I thank him for the white man that has brought his own light, and his own means of getting from one place to another.  When I shut my eyes I talk to my god, I tell him things that I want to tell him because I have no other voices in my mind.  I remember piping up and saying well whats that got to do with me Praying the whole Rosary Bead every night.  He smiled at me through tobacco stained teeth and said, the White man has to pray like that because that is the only way that he can stop all the noise in his life, his head is full of making money, making roads, his life is so complicated he has to pray the same prayer so many times that if he is lucky by the time he gets around to the last decade on the rosary bead he will have finally succeeded to shut out all the noise and little voices in his head and actually concentrate on his God.  I remember laughing with him so hard, not knowing that I would not understand the gravity of his statement till 40 years later in a Think and Grow Rich Lesson with Michael Dloughy and several hundreds of people from right around the world.    (PLEASE DO NOT GET OFFENDED BY THIS, I USED THIS AS PART OF MY LESSON BECAUSE i felt it was vital to explain about the little voices and the self talk .. for some reason this story came to mind .. when one is reading this .. one has to remember that in those days there were just maybe 200 cars in the city all owned by white people, black people walked every where, halfcast people drove the buses and rode bicycles, so my old greatgrandfather had never got into a car let alone a canoe with an outboard motor .. so all that noise was not good for the soul … and now I know is not good for the Subconscious mind.

So like I have done and how I have handled the difference in my life, I now must handle my subconscious mind in practically the same way.  I need to build a bridge from my conscious mind to my subconscious mind and cross it with truck loads of positive emotions such as desire, faith, love enthusiasm and sex amid all the hustle and bustle of to-days worldly demands on my life.  I have to obtain in parrot fashion my selftalk and send it to my subconscious mind in order for me to attain what is already there just waiting for me to reach out and take.   So my commitment here today is to perfect my selftalk and dont change it and   repeat it religiously until I have committed to my mind.

Its that time of the day when I have to say catch you all later, but before I go, big thank yous to Michael and all the all the people behind the scenes, all you wonderful wonderful budding mentors, visitors and my two special people that keep me on track with my Business generating activities, Dave Fletcher – NZ and Susan Badertsche (Canada)  thanks guys .. hugs

Marylouisa Exton

ps………. I absolutely love playing with words and Llenar Bragg’s lesson today about Attain and Obtain got my attention, I loved the explanation, thanks Llenar.”


Thank you Marylouisa, your story clarifies the process we need to develop for our subconscious mind to delive the things we want in life.

Join the process:

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