Subconscious mind|Dreams

Subconscious mind|Dreams

Hello and welcome to my personal development post. Today’s post is about how the subconscious mind can create your dreams.


Our special guest author Geoofrey Fairfax highlights and explores how our subconscious mind plays out what you are really thinking about.

Chapter 3 – Think & Grow Rich

The subconscious mind is the creator of dreams, goals desires or whatever we plant in it.

The subconscious cannot take a joke.

It’s not only what we think and say; but what we also listen to and hear from outside sources.

When I thought I was living by Faith, I was really living by Hope.  And Hope is really only adolescent Faith!

So, really, we must covet and protect our subconscious mind with a vengeance from any and all negative influences!

These negative influences can creep in daily, if we allow ourselves to read or listen to the negative news.

We constantly hear or know someone who seemed to be living on top of the world, fall into a bad negative situation.

That tells me, they/I let their guard down and allowed their subconscious mind to be influenced negatively. 

The reason I think this book is so revered by millions of people, is that it gives you practical solutions to guide you through many of life’s crippling situations.

Now, to zero in on the topic of Faith, I have the perfect example of what we say, think, write and believe can affect our lives.

(Aside from my own blatant personal life example) There is no question, we live the way we think and believe!

Today, I read a Facebook post from a classmate, Marie, that revealed what this chapter on Faith was about.

Marie, wrote a post asking readers to go to a website to answer questions on a quiz.

By doing the quiz, the ASPCA would get donations to provide food for animals.

Marie, opened the post saying “As some of you know, I have been Homeless for 4 years”, then she spoke about her cat Sparkie (12yrs old) and how the cat has helped her through her situation.

Well my heart went out to Marie, who’s wouldn’t?

I thought, I wonder where she lives?

Is she local to where we grew up?

How could I help her?

So, I checked her profile to see if it says where she lives, it didn’t.  But in the place where you put your employment it said “homeless”!

And I thought, my God, what I had just read in this chapter on Faith and thoughts and the subconscious mind, really hit home!

Marie, has totally owned and continues to influence her subconscious mind, through her thoughts, words verbally and writing, which are instructing it to continue to create her reality with strong emotions to back it up!

Realizing, after reading this chapter, reading her post and looking at my own life, there is no doubt in my mind, in the past, because of my thoughts, words and emotions, I created my current circumstances.

Which means, I have total control and the ability to change what I have created, through practicing Autosuggestion self-talk and by backing it up with strong desire!

Thank you Michael for your example and your unwavering Faith in people!


Thank you Geoffrey. It is a clear wake up call to consider what we allow through to our subconscious mind. When we realise that we have control over this then you begin to program your own life.

If you want to become part of the process then please accept my gift.

My gift to you is Michael Dlouhy’s classic success in ten steps. Download it by entering your name, email address and phone number. Once you do that I will contact you and plug you into the mental cleanse program all for free. No strings attached. I would be more than grateful to have the opportunity to help you on your journey.

It’s all free because it is priceless.

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