What is Success

What is success

What is success

Success is life’s journey.

It is like a chain, one success builds on another.

Be sure to enjoy the journey and have a positive attitude. Success is achieved and enjoyed every day. Little steps make a long walk.

Desire, happiness, authenticity, love, courage, faith, gratitude, willingness, self-confidence, discipline, perseverance, patience, the ability to dream big and know what you REALLY want are the most important qualities in successful people.


One-Upsmanship – constantly outdoing (“one upping”) someone else at school, at work, at home, anywhere.

This used to be called “Keeping up with the Joneses” and meant having as nice as or better than, the neighbor’s lawn, trees, dishes, aluminum siding, etc. A little of this can be fun, but now it’s become much more vindictive and can lead to people shooting one another in order to take their Starter jackets and Nike shoes.

Success is ongoing and I hope it becomes even more meaningful as I progress. My successes have not always been widely recognized, but are successes just the same, and I am still having successes of all types. Never will I be finished with them and age is irrellevant My grandmaster’s grandmaster looked 40 years old when he was 96!

Always BE yourself.Be happy, Be faithful, Be present, Be grateful, Be healthy, Be understanding, Be forgiving, Be lovely, Be YOURSELF from the bottom of your heart. Be the best you can be every day of your life. When you stay true to your principles, values and convictions, success is usually the result.

You are supposed to take care of all that your life has to offer to achieve a balance and to be successful.

You can have the best job in the world, be the best professional and have a lot of money, but if you don’t have time for you and your family, are you successful?

Perhaps most people think you are, but you may not feel successful. Or, maybe you have a beautiful family -a lovely wife and two wonderful kids- but you are unemployed. Are you successful? Since we live in a very material world, most people wouldn’t think you are a successful person.

Another overcame his chronic injuries in Viet Nam and in construction work to complete his first black belt in Judo after several years. He never gave up. He volunteers his time in a domestic violence sanctuary to teach women and children self defense.

So what is success?

It surely is about finding your inner peace. Discovering how you can make a difference to help those around you discover who they are.

Finding your voice and shouting it from the roof tops to spark and ignite others to find their voice.

How do you do this?

You begin by changing the way you think!

Turn it all around to understand who you are and how to get the very best out of yourself. This will in turn lead you to discovering your passion.

When you light up with passion you are in fact holding up a light as strong as a light house for all to gravitate towards.

People don’t bother to know who you are or what makes you tick until you can stand on your soap box and preach your success.

Preaching alone wont do it.

It’s only when you have the runs on the board that people want to know how you did it.

The scary part is that they only wont to know the good parts of your journey.

The hurdles and perspiration don’t really appeal to them.

What will you see as your success?


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