Success in ten steps is the name of the ebook. It is the introduction to the mentoring for free family.

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Success in ten steps stands on its own as a masterpiece of amazing wisdom for professional network marketers.
Success in ten steps is your guide to build a massive MLM organization. It is recommended by Tom “Big Al’ Schreieter who is no stranger to large organizations.

The mentoring for free juggernaught is gathering momentum! It’s vision is to become the largest professional organization in professional network marketing history. The building foundation for this vision is success in ten steps.

Your benefits for downloading this free ebook.

  • a free mentor who has learnt the system from Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter and Michael Dlouhy.
  • success in ten steps ebook.
  • free personal development.
  • free global mastermind group.
  • ten free live and interactive calls to plug into every week.
  • a free back office full of thousands of hours of pre recorded wisdom.
  • free successful leaders to be coached by.
  • a free community of like minded individuals geared towards success in life and business.
And for a mere twenty dollars per month you will have  a state of the art lead generation system.
  •  auto responder series of messages tagged by you
  • lead tracking system
  • capture pages
  • video emailing to brand yourself
  • seven capture pages that can be endorsed by you
How would you like to be held by the hand and guided towards achieving  success in ten steps?
Cut through the confusion of building your own large MLM  organziation.
Plug into a system that actively builds and teachers and mentors people to reciprocate  the knowledge.
Still unsure?
Here is  a post from one of my mastermind colleagues Roision O’conor that might just tip you to hitting the link to discover it for
Roisin writes

I’m back, and I’m back to stay. I’M ALL IN!
Yes, the real deal, Roisin O’Connor is back to you.

I loved your lessons on the calls yesterday, you guys GIVE me so much. I feel fulfilled and living my perfect life just listening to you, Barton, Brett, Tuula, and all the other incredible people we have at our HOME.

Today I knew what I had to do.
I had to take control of the things that have been controlling me these last few days and months.

I identified where I’ve been failing. I was not following ALL the steps Hill speaks of.

My vision of myself wasn’t strong enough- my vision of myself in possession of my ‘ideal” life, in possession of the financial freedom, in possession of my dreams needed hard-wiring and an electric shock.

So today I took action in creating the life I want to live.

I began my “dream work book” that Ken Klemm talked to us about. I have a long list of things I want to achieve in my life, and the list has only just begun. I have done a muscle test on how strongly I feel about each goal. I have identified the “sweet goals” that I am fulfilling NOW and rewritten them on another page for immediate action and visualisation.

Thus doing I have cleared mental space which was so badly needed in my mind. I’ll get to the others after accomplishing these more immediate goals. I have plans for taking control of the things I CAN HAVE control over in my life.

I examined my Self-talk, prompted to do so by the call at 3pm yesterday, and by Chapter 4’s Auto-suggestion.

Here’s where I’m at:

“I am a FREE woman, having the time of my life, building the largest, most profitable, highest retention organisation EVER built in the History of NetWORK Marketing EASILY and CONSISTENTLY through EDUCATION and TEAMWORK, in a spirit of harmony.”

To make it FEEL right for me I analysed it:

“FREE” is a critically important impetus in my life. It works!

“Having the time of my life” I see myself rolling back my head in laughter, ease and love in great company.

“the largest, most profitable”- Ok, I think I had a problem with this before, as I associated profit in some way with greed. I know it sounds stupid, but this is how I felt sometimes. So instead— now I see this large and incredibly profitable team OWN their lives, impacting one life after another, with a knock-on effect as people infectiously join and become captains of their life’s mission.

“Highest retention”- People know they’re at home on OUR team, so they duplicate this FEELING of “living in the now”, “being at home” with the people they speak to every day of our lives. People join because they know they have a family who truly cares, who are creating a vision for others. There just isn’t any other option for consideration because “WE ARE ALL IN”.

“Organisation”. It is a group of people who are on the same level of loving life. Everyone exalts on the successes of each other.
“In the HISTORY of Network Marketing”. I know it requires work, but work is a joy when you have clarity and confidence. Knowing you can change lives is a historic act of kindness to humanity when you are surrounded by so many other wonderful examples as I am here in Mentoring For Free and with my team.

John O’Dwyer’s lesson on his grandfather leading the way as a Visionary in Ireland in the “troubled times” gives me great courage as I embark on our journey in Network Marketing through “EDUCATION and TEAMWORK” the greatest explosives ever created for people who want to TRULY LIVE.

I have also added smaller versions of self-talk crafted from the call yesterday.

“I am a positive example and influence in ALL areas of my life”. Thanks Tuula. You see, we are manifesting positive change as I use Tuula’s self-talk in Italy.

“I am on fire IN FREEDOM, living in a state of peace of mind, vitality, abundance, accomplishment, love and happiness”. Thanks for the reminder Loddy.
This self-talk contains all the secret ingredients which fuel my WHY!

“I am a generous giver and an appreciative receiver impacting many many lives, and this is why I’m an amazing success in all I do.” Thanks Oliver for the idea.

All of the above reminds me of my ultimate WHY which I can finally put in words thanks to Micheal Dlouhy.

“I live to leave a legacy of people who believe in themselves and in life and in so doing they live in FREEDOM”.

The magic lies in the always sharing with my mastermind group. In living a fruitful life offline as much as I do online.

I know I can be happy, fulfilled and generously rewarded as a teacher until my Network Marketing business takes over.

The magic lies in appreciating every wonderful moment I have with Cristhian, with naure and sport, with friends, family and then blazing it all when I am in contact with my adopted family through Network Marketing.

My life is so valuable to me that I owe it to myself and my love ones to spend time daily, reading my desires, repeating my self-talk effortlessly, often and ALWAYS in passion. I owe myself the gift of visualising myself in possession of my much desired life, and in repeating the “self-confidence” formula so that I become the person I know I am.

I have as much help and support as I need and allow myself to have here at Mentoring For Free, in my team, with Cristhian, in my family, with my true friends  and with my spirit along with my archangels, and spirit guides.

Thank you for sharing my dream! Your dreams give me the sprinkle of inspiration which makes life magic.

Thank you Napoleon Hill, YOU ARE LEGEND. All of you can put that after your name if you wish to also, you deserve it!

We are indeed LEGEND!

Roisin O’Connor.

What are you waiting for?
Loddy Micucci
skype loddy.micucci
cell 61 0437742108
Click on the link and commence growing your organisation with success in ten step.
Welcome to the  family.

Network Marketing ebook - Click to Look Inside

Click Here To Get This
FREE Network Marketing Ebook

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